Bamboo Bike: Everything You Need To Know Before Pick The Right One

If you are looking for a fantastic bike that could ease your tense moment and make you relax, then go for the bamboo bike. It has been designed for most of the terrain from stress, off-road as well as hilly.

The frame is durable and lightweight for easy riding, as well as to increase your speed. The affordability of the bike makes it worth having at home without having problems with its performance. You can never go wrong with the bamboo bike.

What Is A Bamboo Bike?

Bamboo bikes are pedal and chain drive with two wheels attached to a bamboo frame and are human-powered. The bike is lightweight with vibration-damping with great sustainability, making it better to have recently.  The bamboo features make it more reliable and started to be used slowly for bicycle frames production. Though the aluminum frames have dominated the industry, bamboo is not left behind also. It has all the features to make your ride safe, fast, and durable. The bamboo bikes feature bamboo frames, including the top and bottom tunes, the stays at the rear, and the seat tube.

Are Bamboo Bikes Any Good?

Bamboo is made from a natural material and makes people feel good about its sustainability. The bamboo bikes are good with the benefits, and they may be competitive with some of the popular good ones. The look of the bike is pretty with a strong frame and can accommodate the different weights. One of the great benefits of the Bamboo bike is that it’s a natural material and people feel good about its sustainability. It’s not possible to use the full strength of the bamboo because the material variability is high. Having a bamboo bike at home is good for you as well as the environment.

How Much Is A Bamboo Bike?

Bamboo bikes vary in price depending on what you are looking for and your budget. The manufacturers have created a quality bamboo bike with a reasonable price point for everyone. The bike looks good with a fantastic ride to allow everyone to enjoy the ride at an affordable price.   Some of the high-end bamboo frame bikes sell at $4000 with great advantages over metal frame bikes. The price may be costly, but it deserves the price with its materials and advantages.

How long do bamboo bikes last?

The bamboo bikes have been designed to last long with excellent performance as long as the maintenance is proper also. It contains everything you are looking for, and the comfort is also exceptional. When the bike is well taken care of, it will last 10-15 years, which is good for you. For the whole 15 years, you have had a good bike with you with a few part repairs and replacements.

What are the benefits of a bamboo bicycle frame?

Bamboo bikes have so many advantages that make them outstanding. The bamboo frame is made from bamboo fiber, which is very strong and steadfast, making it durable. One of the benefits of bamboo bikes is their strong body, sustainability, and natural material. Most people love the bike due to its natural material, which they find suitable. Its high strength to weight ratio, sustainability growth and vibration control makes it better and worth having.

Who was the inventor of the bamboo bicycle?

The Bamboo bike was first introduced in England by the Bamboo Cycle Company and released on 26th April 1894. The US patted was requested in 1895 by the Ober Austin and Andrew Gustafson and was granted inn1896. Even so, development was tough since there were other dominating bikes.

Are Bamboo Mountain Bike Durable or Not?

The durability of the bamboo bike cannot be questioned with its incredible natural material. Since the bamboo has been made from interwoven fibers, its durability is excellent and very strong. Though the bike is extremely durable and strong, it has been seven elegant and stronger when added epoxy to prevent crack. For several years of use, the bamboo frame does not bend but remains steadfast.

EcoCross Hybrid Bamboo Bicycle

Greenstar bikes ecoCross  Hybrid is a multi-purpose bamboo bike designed for those who love the uniqueness and something natural. The bike is ideal for streets, off-road, and paved trails and is very stable. The bike helps you maneuver uphill roads and enjoy your ride on all terrains as much as you like. The bamboo frame with the aluminum lugged frame makes your ride and absorbs micro-vibration all the way. The comfort is good from the ride, seal as well as handle position. The beauty of the bike cannot be ignored with the elegant appearance it has when packed.

Though the hybrid bike is affordable, it lacks its performance at all but has an excellent quality. Though they are some of the expensive and better bikes, the bike Is not bad with its natural appearance. It gives you a sense of being one with nature, especially when riding in a hilly and green environment. The bike is available in black, which is suitable for both women and men ad fits perfectly well. The speed of the bike is good for your ride with amazing brakes in case of an emergency. It’s excellent for unknown trails or hilly terrain to give you comfort and a sense of security due to its brakes. The aluminum fork of the bamboo bike is amazing and gives you a smooth ride without shacking you all over the road. It has a rack, fender, and rim brakes for you.


  • Great ride
  • Good for streets, trails and off-road ride
  • Suspension fork and brakes are good


  • The rice is good, but it could be much affordable

4 Reasons You Can Buy Bamboo Bike

  • Lightweight

The bamboo bike has been designed to be lightweight for a smooth ride along the terrain without hesitation. As we all can imagine, a bike frame made from bamboo is going to be very light. The frame is comfortable, and it’s also comparable to the weight of the aluminum frame and much lighter than it. Though other light bikes are using a different material, it’s still light and noticeable too. The lightweight of the bamboo bike makes a huge difference when you are riding. They are outfitted with carbon fiber material, which is lighter and makes the frame even lighter.

  • Smooth Ride

The frame is flexible and lightweight thanks to the combination of carbon fiber on it. The bike’s flexibility makes the shock absorption better than any other without relying on the rear and the front suspension. It has an amazing fork suspension that absorbs the most shock, especially when riding on rough roads.  The stability of the bike is unique and not exaggerated at all. What makes the ride smooth is the excellent shock absorber to it for a perfectly smooth ride you] could ask for.

  • Durable

When it comes to the durability of bamboo bikes, it is quite imaginable for those that have not used them but know bamboo. The first thing we think of the bamboo bike is that it can snap in half when on rough terrain. However, it is within the possibility of a tree that is not even close to a tree. Bamboo is made from interwoven fibers with great durability and strength. Though this is not enough to add to durability, it can be added epoxy sealant to it to prevent cracking and make it even stronger. Over the years, metal frames can stress and bend slightly, which is not the bamboo bike. It remains steadfast for a pretty long time.

  • Echo-Friendly

The rate at which bamboo grow can be shocking g if you hear it for the first time. Within a year, the bamboo is ready, and it’s like watching grass grow with your own eyes. It’s one of the most environmentally sound natural materials on the earth.


The bamboo bike is amazing, most especially if you are meeting it for the first time. The name itself makes it more attractive, and you want to know how it works and its durability. It gives benefits and advantages that make it more open to the public. They are readily available for different budgets and easily give you a socially conscious bike. It makes it easier for you to ride on the road and mingle with friends and family on a perfect weekend.

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