Best City Bicycles To Buy For Clients Living In Australia

In Australia, It’s a good idea to move around the city by bike. City bicycles offer a variety of easy way as well as convenient transportation options for you. In addition to reducing pollution, saving the fee for you a lot in comparison with other transportation & it’s good for your health too . The ideal cities in Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Bisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, New South Wales, Townsville … are ideal places to travel by bicycle.

How to choose the best city bike? That might be your concern

Wow, City Bicycle, Commuter Bikes or Hybrid Bikes are the type with elegant design that suitable to move around the city in easy way. What’s the best bike for the city you want? City Bicycles are rather different with other bikes like racing bikes, mountain bikes. Most the differences are its design. Normally the differences from frame, tyres, brakes…and the design are slim to move easily. It’s hard to pick the best bike for city among the big assortment. 

To buy a good bike, you should see these criterias:

1)Frame and material

Currently there are many materials used to produce bicycle frames. Previously mainly steel and aluminum frames, but in recent years super light materials have been studied and applied such as alloys of aluminum, carbon, or titanium …

-Best bike for city has Aluminum frame and aluminum alloy.  They are commonly used due to their pretty good weight, cheap and good impact resistance. High quality models also use aluminum alloy frames are the parameter you should consider for your bike.

– Best city bike has Carbon and titanium frames. They are often used on high-end models because the price of these frames is very high but its shock absorption is very good, super lightweight. But the price is rather high.

2)The Size

It’s very important to select a suitable city bike size for you. If The size is too big with your body that will make you always have to cycle with tension. By contrast, if the size is too small with your body that make you hunch your back, legs bent at the knee. And for using in long time, it’s not good for bone and joint .

To have the bets feeling of riding, you should adjust the saddle position to fit the size of your body, the distance between the position from the shoulder to the steering handle so that you can get the most suitable sitting position for the body. And then riding the city bicycles will be fun. 

3) Gear System

You do not need to equip your bike with so many levels of speed when biking in the city . Mormally, when cycling a bike in the City, your bike should be equipped with 7-8 sp of gear level. It will be enough for a best bike for city

4) The brakes

V brakes are often fitted on Roadbike and City bike, but their handling ability in wet conditions & weather is less effective than disc brakes.

Moreover, V brakes are often easier to maintain than disc brakes and are cheaper to maintain. Depending on your choice best city bike, it is possible to choose a vehicle with suitable brakes.

5)Wheels and tires

A spiny tire can give you better friction, avoiding slippery when traveling on slippery roads due to moisture. But this means that your speed will be more limited.

For the best speed is still a Roadbike, then a City bike model, finally is other types of bike like Fat types bikes

But there is a weakness of Roadbike and city bike is that the tire is quite thin, easy to tear and puncture when the road surface is full of crushed stone and glass fragments, or passing through the edge of the pavement. The best bike for the city should be safe. 

6)The saddle

Depending on the distance you move, you can choose the appropriate saddle. But don’t choose to be too small because it can easily cause genital compression. In addition, women should choose a larger saddle because the female’s pelvis is often bigger than the male, which is more prone to buttocks if sitting still small when experiencing shock from terrain. The best city bike should be comfortable for a long trip

Let’s see what bikes are suitable for you

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

It’s professional design for cycling in urban area. This simple bike offers you with the best way to move in the city street. Lightweight Aluminum Frame that make it easy to move in comfortable way. Alloy Wheels without mudguard that make the bike sporty style; it’s suitable for both men & women. V brake is typical design for urban bike in the city! The Handelbar is good for changing the direction of bike. 


Reid Roller Commuter Bike, Hybrid Bike, Shimano 7Spd Gearing, Alloy Components

This is wonderful design with small wheels. This bike is so suitable to ride in the city. Let’s talk about the frame with Alloy Components. It’s so durable & lightweight. The saddle is comfortable for any city tours. The fact its color with brown is so fit with the wheel. The frame is slim design with the handle to make Raid Roller Commuter Bike are so pretty. The 7 Spd is suitable for you to move in the city with the comfort. Reid is a good choice for any Australians to own it and it’s a good brand safified with Australian Standards. Let’s order it for today to enjoy the best city tours near the city you live.


2. Reid Vintage Roadster Bike Retro Men’s Bicycle Shimano 7-Speed

Reid Vintage Roadster Bike offer you with classic design with chain box & Reflective light at the back. The dark blue color refers to the Vitange Style. This bicyle features with 7-Speed that allow you to move in easy way in the city. The saddle with comfortable leather cushion & the manufacturer also named it with Reid Tan Comfort Saddle. The frame of this bicycle is from steel that it’s so durable. While the brake with the technology of Promax Alloy. The design of Handlebars is so special which focus on the comfort that the bike offer you in any tours. I think the spokes from this bike are good too. With 2 year Warranty for some parts of the bike., it’s deserved to buy it for today!


3.Progear Fixie Bike Pearl Black (53cm, 56cm)

It’s a slim design with the size of wheels is slim too. Steel frame to make the bike is so durable, more flexibility. Infact the design of this bike is suitable for young & active people. The saddle with springs system for shock absorption. Calliper brakes and coast brake  offer your with the power of controlling the speeed. As you can see the steering handle with soft plastic box that you can hold in comfort. The type of the wheel is so slim with its size is 700Cx23C. It’s a good choice to buy it for city tour.


4)Schwinn Volare Mens and Womens Hybrid Road Bike, 28-Inch Wheels, Lightweight Aluminum Frame, Multiple Colors

Yes, the blue is so friendly, the Hybrid Tyres make the bike is so different to move better in urban street. The combination of the blue with black make it so eye-catching. There’re so many parameters that you need to read fully. We just list the main feature with 21-Speed. The Handlebars is easy for you to change the direction. Alloy disc brakes deliver superior stopping power.


5)Spartan Platinum City Bike 26 cm Blush Pink

The design of this bike is for women with beautiful color. The bike features with plump shape, the chain box are so beautiful & it helps to protect your chain also. Alloy frame of this bike offer you with lightweight design. Mounted basket is so cute for you to put something or make the bike with cute design.


6)Progear Retro Ladies Pomona 700c*15″ Mint

Just imagine each morning when you get up, drink a cup of coffee & take the bike for a tour around the city. Yes, the feeling is great. With Progear Retro  Pomona, you can use it go for shopping, go to work, visit friends…

It’s easy for women to shift the gear with 7 Speed. The manufacturer make innovation for handy RevoShifter for change the gear. Alloy V-Brakes allow you to control the speed in better way. The fenders help to protect you from dirt when go in rainy days & make the bike with elegance.

6)Reid Esprit Ladies Vintage Bike Lightweight Classic Bikes Shimano 7Spd Bicycle

If you want to have an active style, the this bike is suitable for you. The design of frame make it so active. Maybe the color of Reid Esprit is rather light & hide its Vintage design. This bike is still good choice for moving in morden urban. The gear of bike features with 7-Speed Shimano Tourney that allow you to move in other types of street. While the brake features with Tektro Dual-Pivot Calipers from manufacturer. The fender of the bike helps for protect you from dirt when cycling in the rain. It’s a good choice for order it.


Hope you can choose the bicycle that suits your need now. We always want to develop the trend for moving in the cities of Australia with bicycles. The fact now the noise & dust from the city is a nightmare for so many people. Choosing a bike is a good way to live harmony in the city

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