9 Best Forks For Dirt Jumping In 2022 [Expert Pick]

If you are looking for the best Forks For Dirt Jumping In 2021? We have top picked & made a list with details.

When it comes to forks added to your bike or upgraded, you have to be careful when buying. It’s true to say that the fork plays an essential role in the way your bike experience will be.

Not all bikes come with full suspension some come with rear only others full depending on the brand. If looking forward to getting an ideal fork for your dirt jump bike, you have to look for the best. Be sure you get the right one that suits your tires as well as increase and enhance performance to your bike’s performance.

What Is A Dirt Bike?

Jump bikes are bikes that have to evolve between mountain bikes and BMX bikes. The dirt bikes are used for dirt jumping and park jumping, and many others like street stunt riding. The jump bike design is good and has short, low frames with a pretty low standover height. The only different thing is the tall handlebars. Most dirt jump bikes have suspension forks with a travel of between 80mm to 120mm with no rear suspension.

That may be the case, but some brands produce full-suspension jump bikes. The slope-style jump bikes come with compact frame geometry and around 100mm rear-wheel travel. The material used in making the jump bike fork differ and could be made from aluminum or steel, with most of its emphasis being on strength. The tires are mostly made slick to increase the grip and reduce the rolling resistance on hard trails and concrete. One needs to know that jump bikes do not rely on brakes as mountain bikes.

How Does A Fork For Dirt Bike Jumping Work?

The fork installed on the bike is has the steerer tube that attaches the fork to the bicycle and the handlebar. This then allows the rider to steer the bike.  The steerer tube then interfaces with the frame through the headset mounted on the head tube. At the fork’s bottom, the fork ends to hold the wheel to impact the suspension power. It, therefore, reduces the shock absorbed from the bumps and other obstacles you pass through while riding.

Top 9 Best Forks For Dirt Jumping in November 2021 [Recommended]

Manitou Mezzer Expert Suspension Fork – 29″ Matte Black

When buying bikes, their accessories are essential as they affect your bike’s works and your experience. Manitou is one of the most used suspension forks for dirt jump bikes in the market today. Like what people are looking for the best accessories to make the ride amazing, Manitou is one of the best you don’t want to miss.

Manitou is an old company that has been there for years with its work well known worldwide. At the moment, who doesn’t know about mezzer and has a bike? A few people are unaware of it or have not used it. Since it was started in 1986 in Colorado, it has set deep roots with dozens of reviews. When they started, they made it from their garage and concentrated on high-quality technological products for the mountain bike market.

The mezzer expert suspension fork 29″ is one of the best bike accessories that are also very important to the bike’s very life. What mezzer does is give you total control and handling you need for the ultimate ride. The suspension fork is built around 37mm stanchions and reverse-arch lower leg design and the Hexlock SL2 axe, making the mezzer the stiffest chassis.

Manitou Mezzer Expert Suspension Fork comes with an adjustable IVA Air volume. It’s precisely what you need to make your ride experience even more enjoyable. There are so many other features that come with the mezzer suspension fork to make your ride exciting. It had VTT Damper w/6-position compression and rebound adjustability features at your disposal.

  • Feels very plush
  • It has excellent mid and end stroke support.
  • The suppleness is impressive.
  • Manitou Mezzer is stiff compared to others.
  • Requires careful setup

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GURIDO Manitou Markhor Fork 27.5” 100mm Travel, 9mm Axle, Matte Black

Gurido Manitou Markhor fork is one of the best forks developed by the Manitou Company to give the rider the best. Markhor is a lightweight XC fork that can be adjusted down to the size that one feels comfortable with. It could be adjusted to 80mm travel or goes up to 120mm travel in most cases. The Gurido Manitou Markhor fork has been designed to handle challenging terrains well like no other.

With the Markhor fork, you don’t have to worry about your budget. Even when on budget, it does not mean that you can’t ride an excellent fork suspension with smooth control. The Markhor fork has features to it that help in making the performance better. It features, for one, the KwikToggle damper with an on and off lockout. With the travel of between 100mm and 120mm, the Markhor fork smooth line that the trail has put in front of you

Users that have experienced the Manitou forks with not hesitate to buy the Markhor fork. The fork has been designed to be used for a very long time with a great appearance. The subdue stickers are excellent, especially for this price point. The fork is amazingly lightweight and 100 percent reliable from the people who have used the bike fork suspension. The fork feels robust and runs 140lb psi with the small bump compliance. The mid support is decent.

  • It has a solid feel.
  • It’s stiff enough
  • It has adjustable travel up to 120mm.
  • The rear arch does not protect stanchions from crap.
  • You will have to add more air than the chart indicate
  • Has no adjustable compression damping

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Fox Factory 36 Float 29-Inch Factory 160 Grip 2 Hi/Low Comp/Reb

Fox factory 36 float has undergone a radical makeover for 2021 and has come with a long travel trail fork sensitive and supple for a range of travel and damping. It has good control and support on the bike no matter how hard you push it.  The upgraded fox 36 forks’ performance is best and beats all others in the 150-160mm category. The air spring has been improved now to give a larger negative air volume.  This has been achieved by extending the lower down’s spring side leg and giving it more space for a longer stanchion tube.

The fork is more supple and gives excellent sensitivity to the small bumps, and improves traction and confidence. It has a great hold on wet and slippery chatter. The new fork is good and gives up the full amount of travel, and provides superb support through the mid-stroke. The GRIP2 damper of the fork has also been improved. The damper is still the FIT GRIP2 unit with high and low-speed adjustment for rebound and compression damping; there are changes in its works.

The new system changes the leverage oil flow on the shim stack when you adjust. It revolves around the damper without taking the whole part out.  The arch on the chassis has been revised quite a bit to improve the clearance, optimize it for strength, and reduce weight. It’s canted forward a bit, so there is no chance of it hitting the modern fiber bikes.

  • The air spring delivers an incredibly full range of useable travel and suppleness.
  • The damper is revised to give real-world tuning options.
  • Fox Factory 36 comes with features that reduce friction.
  • Its performance is excellent and more improved.
  • A bit expensive

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Fox Racing Shox 34 Float 27.5 160 CTD Fit Fork One Color, 1.5T/15QR

Fox racing show 34 float is one of the firms and incredible fork that has been designed to make your ride performance better. The 27.5-inch tire standard has been around for years, but the mountain bike’s adoption has been slow.  The 27.5-inch tires are now gaining momentum due to some of the companies stepping up with forks that offer high performance. Fox stepping up has brought forth great benefits to people that love 27.5-inch tires.

The 2013 float 34 650b CTD FIT 160mm travel fork has been equipped with features that improve the fork and bike’s performance in general. It has been equipped with fox’s new damping system that redefines how you adjust the fork. Traditionally the fox fork’s features are great and offer the ability to make adjustments needed to change and tune the fork for any condition. It gives you control over the fork and what you want to do with it.

Some of the adjustments that one can do include high and low-speed compression, lockout threshold, preload, and rebound. It’s a bit difficult for an average rider to make the adjustment. For one to aimlessly tune the fork, all the adjustments will likely result in negative performance.

Fox Racing Shox 34 has the CTD on one lever that helps you to switch the fork compression easily to get the ideal setting for the task at hand. The climb setting adds more low-speed compression to help mitigate bobbing when standing on the pedals. The descend setting on the fork features high and low-speed compression for plush action on steep trails. It’s redesigned with soring curve for forks that are 130mm and above.

  • Easy to adjust when following the correction aim
  • Fox Racing Shox 34 fits 130mm and above.
  • Has great performance
  • Has CTD settings
  • It’s a bit difficult to adjust by an average rider.

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RockShox Revelation Unisex Suspension Fork

The revelation unisex suspension fork is one of the best in the market, and from the start, they are made to make your ride better. The revelation fork offers the same range of travel as its cousin, for that is quite expensive. The performance it provides is good with a less refined damper.  The revelation forks bounce on a debonair spring and trade the charger 2.1 damper for the motion control version. The 32mm stanchion revelation lacked the stiffness needed to control the modern 27.5 inch and 29-inch bikes.

The fork’s travel starts at 120 mm and is capped at 160mm on the 27.5-inch version.  Just like other Rockshox forks, the unisex revelation fork comes with pre-installed bottomless tokens. The bottomless tokens are generally volume reducers, and they can be removed or added to fine-tune the progression of the air spring.

Tokens are installed in the bike fork depending on the travel. For a 120mm travel fork, four is fitted, three at 130mm and two at 140mm, and also zero in 150mm and above. The level of damping has been improved. The RockShox revelation unisex fork is a bit cheaper due to the motion control RC damper. It’s because it cannot compare to the charger 11 unit in the pike.

  • It’s affordable
  • The damper is improved.
  • RockShox Revelation fits a 27.5-inch tire very well.
  • A bit heavy

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RockShox Zeb Ultimate 27.5in Boost Fork Grey, 170mm/44mm Offset

Rockshox Zeb ultimate is another fork by the rockshox. The fork comes with a travel of between 160mm, 170mm, 180mm, and 190 mm. The stanchion material that is used is aluminum, with the crown material of aluminum for long-lasting use. The fork has been made for tires that are 27.5 inches.

RockShox Zeb has a mega stiff power on 38mm stanchions with controllable and sensitive internals. The 38mm stanchioned chassis offers excellent stiffness and smoother compression for riders who are lapping the endure trails on the e-MTB. The Rockshox understands the importance of compliance, and the Zeb fork comes with 21.5% more stiffness than others like Lyrik. This is to pinpoint accuracy at the corners.

You get to enjoy riding in different terrains with no fear of being thrown left, right, and center with the fork. It gives the correct suspension that you need. The affordability of the fork is also another advantage of the fork to your bike. The Zeb coming with more travel options gives you a chance to adjust as you wish. For those that love sending it deeply, the option 150mm and 190mm is right for you. The Zeb offers four different options, like basic Zeb that is equipped with charger R. You also have an option of Zeb Ultimate that gets the full charger 2.1 RC2 with low and high-speed compression adjustment.

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RockShox Unisex’s Fork Reba Rl Crown 29″ Boost 15X110 Alum

Rockshox has been producing the best and successful forks.  And Rockshox Reba is one of the successful forks all the time. Reba has been one of the forks that displayed RockShox’s revolutionary innovation. The performance that Reba displays is second to none with its own capability. With the forks capability, you get to achieve the ultimate ride experience with the bike. The chassis of the fork combines the rebase classic XC performance with the motion control RL damper.

All these combinations with light trail and others make the Reba capable of borrowing the SID’s chassis and need a token or two, especially when in a longer travel option. The fork has been specially designed for the XC light trail travel to give maximum performance. Apart from Reba giving the best performance, its price is budget-friendly and saves you lots of cash for outstanding performance.

Though the Rockshox Reba’s features are almost the same as the revelation, it’s 32mm stanchions mean it does not track straight through the high-speed cornering. The fork has been made to work with 26 inch and 29 inches versions well. Each version comes with a solo air spring and a motion control damper.

  • Great motion control damper
  • Works with 26 inch and 29-inch versions
  • The performance is amazing.
  • The 32mm stanchion is a bit lower than its rockshox counterparts.
  • Needs tokens

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Rockshox Recon Silver TK, Black, 26-Inch

Most of the RockShox forks come lightweight and reducing the weight of the bike is a great way. The Rockshox Recon Silver TK comes with excellent performance and features that increase its overall performance. The chassis of the Recon is made to be lightweight and increase the speed while riding. The Recon fork enables you to upgrade the graphic package to compliment the Rockshox lineup. The Recon fork comes with outstanding low-speed compression and rebound adjustability.

Rockshox has amazed the users again with the price taking another step down. It’s a value-based fork that offers you a value-based performance. The Recon RL with 32mm stanchions covers travels from 80mm up to 150mm. It comes with a great motion control damper to help with the compression on your fork.

It has the turnkey lockout and the external rebound. The solo air spring feature is one that you need with the fork for ultimate achievement. The Recon plays nice with the bar-mounted lockout remote. It has pocketed the 6061 TS T-6 aluminum crown for durability. The fork works well with the 26-inch version to give you a light ride throughout. It’s a pretty good fork to upgrade to your current bike and get more exciting rides.

  • Great suspension for
  • 6061 TS T-6 aluminum crown
  • Works with 26 inch
  • 32mm stanchions
  • The stanchions could be better.

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BOLANY 26/27.5/29 inch MTB Bicycle Magnesium Alloy Suspension

Bolany fork comes with lots of specifications for your bike. It works well with 26/27.5/29 inch tires. Some of the specs it comes with include a tapered steerer and the straight steerer, two styles. It has the crown manual lockout and remote lockout two lockout devices.

It has a travel of 100 mm axe 9mm x 100mm and a disc brake braking system. The material used on the mountain bike suspension fork is high-quality aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy. The material used makes the fork to be strong and durable and is stable when riding. What the alloy does is play a protective role in your outdoor cycling. The fork can be assembled easily when needed, as well as it is disassembled. You are able to adjust the air pressure comfortably to suit the rider’s weight for better performance.

The fork’s outer tube is stronger and stable and prevents the circulation of the travel tube from dust. It comes with surface polishing with hard fat oxidation, Lubrication, low resistance, wear resistance, and smooth rebound. It gives you all the assistance you need for your bike to go to the next stage. The workmanship of the fork is exquisite, with an impressively painted appearance. Its shockproof and durable power is what makes it worth your time and money.

  • It’s durable
  • Comes with shockproof
  • Excellent surface polish for protection
  • No Major Issue

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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying The Right Forks For Dirt Jumping of 2021

  1. Durability

When buying a fork for your dirt jump bike, you have a lot to understand and consider.  You can’t buy any fork blindly. You have to make sure it’s the correct one. For durability, you have to consider the material used and look at the reviews by others who used the same fork before. The polishing on top also affects the fork’s durability since it comes with wear and other resistance.

  1. Right Forks Materials

Well, since the fork used on the dirt jump bikes needs to be strong and emphasize strength, the material used needs to be great. Most of the dirt forks are made using aluminum material and steel to make your fork frame strong and durable. It’s up to you to decide the right fork material for you and the one that you feel is better.

  1. Forks size

Forks come in different sizes, and the size depends on your bike. Each fork, it comes with a specific tire size that works perfectly. Therefore when buying a fork to upgrade your bike, you have to consider the size.  The fork should have the correct travel and should also correspond to the size of the wheel.

  1. Easy To Setup and Maintenance

Is the fork you are buying easy to handle and maintain? This is something that you have to consider greatly. Set up of the fork should not take much of your time, nor should it be difficult to do. With the correct tools required, you should be able to do it on your own. Also, Maintenance of the fork should be easy to do regularly to keep it in form and clean all the time.

  1. Budget-Friendly

The forks come at different prices, and some are relatively cheap while others are quite expensive. The affordable forks are good with decent performance for your bike. It should be noted that for a bike’s fork to be cheap is not any worse than the expensive type. The most affordable fork offers excellent service to users with good reviews. With over $$$, you get a relatively wonderful fork, and also, under $$$, you get a relatively right fork with decent performance.

Conclusions: Best Forks For Dirt Jumping

The forks are very important parts of the bike system. It has a way with your bike and affects its performance in a great way. With a poor fork, the bike’s performance tends to be miserable, especially when going on rough trails and long-distance cycling. It’s therefore good to make sure one chooses the one that offers the best to you.

The things to consider before you buy the best forks for dirt jumping are very important. It helps to rationalize your mind on what you want. With all the information and insight you have, making the right decision and choice becomes easier. Get to know the different forks available in the market and then make an informed decision.

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