Best Mountain Bike Tubes In 2021: Expert Recommended

We have all experienced a flat tire at one point in our riding experience. If you have not, then you may experience it in the future. Preventing getting a puncture is possible with a few things to be considered and followed. Though it’s possible to prevent your bike from getting a puncture, it’s not always 100%. The only thing you could do is reduce the likelihood of getting one.

There are lots of best mountain bike tire tubes in the market, and getting the best could be one way to reduce the risk of getting a flat tire. With the few pro points on how to minimize getting a flat tire, you will love bike riding even more.

What Is A Mountain Bike Inner Tube?

Mountain bike inner tube is a clincher tire set up and has a bead on each side which locks on the rim but does not have an air-tight connection. The inner tube is inside the tire holds the air. It’s an essential part of the bike that can affect your riding experience and even stop it completely.

The bike tube has been designed with a valve that keeps it pumped up throughout. The valve can either be Presta or Schrader. Before anything, you should make sure you have got the right valve type that suits your wheels

5 Pro Tips To Prevent A Mountain Bike Tube/Tire

  1. Tire Pressure

Every bike has to be pressured before they are ridden. Before you take a step on the road cycling, make sure the bike is well pressured. Every tire in the market comes with a preferred air-pressure range. Before you pressure the bike, make sure to look at the side for the recommended pressure before you air it.

The mountain bike tires should have air pressure between 60 and 80 psi. When the bike air pressure is below the requirement, it can lead to problems. When you hit a bump, and the pressure is low, your tire is compressed down to the rim. This now causes two small holes. You are not able to ride comfortably afterward. When your tires are over-inflated, then it’s possible to burst the tube. But that is, in extreme cases but unlikely. For your safety, it’s good to have the right pressure recommended for your bike wheel.

  1. Basic Tire Care

For every usable product, its care is essential for long time use. It’s good to replace your bike tire when you notice it’s worn out. Some of the bikes that come with tires have indicators to show when the tires are supposed to be replaced. A good example is the road bike tires. For you to know when it’s time for replacement, you will have to inspect your bike periodically.

When you ride a route with substantial debris, you may have to check if your tires have glass and rocks embedded in them. They may not cause immediate problems, but over time of riding over them, they cause a flat tire. If you see a sharp object stuck on your tires, then use a small tool to remove it before it causes damages.

  1. Tube Sealants

You never know when your bike will have a flat tire. Having a temporary option of taking care of the tire is very important. Tube sealant helps you to repair an existing tire to avoid future flats. That means you could have it with you when riding out or do it when you notice your bike has a puncture. You will squeeze in a bit of the sealant through the valve and coat the inside of the tube.

Tube sealants help to seal small punctures or a cut. It fills the leak to create a plug that outlasts the tube. You have to know that there are two types of sealants in the market. One of the sealants is the slime brand. It is made to be injected into the Schrader-type tubes directly. The second sealant is the Café Latex brand made to be injected into the Presta-type tubes. It can also be used on tubeless tires.

If you are going for the Café Latex sealant brand, then you have to note they use a no-mess injector. It’s sold separately.

  1. Use Tire Liners

Well, as we said earlier, there are lots more ways of preventing your bike from getting a flat tire. You could use a tire liner on your bike tire. This is a thin strip made of plastic that is made to fit between the tire and the tube. The layer helps reduce the chance of puncture flats from sharp objects you are riding.

The liners are very helpful though they add a bit of weight to the tires. This, in some ways that affect your rolling resistance in high-performing tires. If you are riding your bike in thorny areas, then the liners could come in handy

  1. Use Puncture-resistant Tires

There are tires in the market that are made puncture resistant. You could change your normal tire to puncture-resistant tires made to resist flats. As most commuters testified, they are not speedy as the standard bike but reduce the rest of the punctures.

How To Change An Inner Tube on A Mountain Bike [Recommended]

The inner tube is made of rubber and is balloon-like when inflated to fill the air to cushion smooth rides. The air is the one that allows you to ride the bike over bumps and rough roads effectively. If the tube is punctured and the air is lost, the bike cannot move.

The tube holds air inside the bike tire for smooth riding. The inner tube can be damaged easily if you suffer a puncture or crash. If you encounter a damaged inner tube, you will need to change them. Here is how to do the replacement

  • The first step you need to do when you notice your bike is slow or flat is to pump in the air. If the tire is flat for a couple of minutes later, then you need to replace your tube.
  • Take out your tools and have them ready. The lever and the pump. You need to identify the wheel which is experiencing a flat. Take the wheel off first.
  • Squeeze the valve and let any air remaining in the tire out. Take the tire with both hands. Pinch the wheel together while pressing your thumbs on the bead next to the rim. Disengage the bead completely.
  • Shift the wheel into the smallest gear, which will make it easier to remove and change the wheel. Disengage the clutch on the derailleur. A quick release makes it easier to remove the wheel with no need for a hex.
  • Pull the tube out of the tire when you have removed it. Run your fingers around the tube to make sure is nothing in there that could puncture the next tube.
  • Install the new tube in the tire. But before that, you have to inflate for it to hold in place and be easier to replace.
  • Ensure the stem is straight and not locked before installing to keep the stem straight. Make sure the tube is not folded or crumbled. Push the bead back in place and make sure everything is back in place

Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Tubes In December 2021

There are many inner tubes in the market today to help sort you out of a difficult situation. Getting the best inner tube is essential for you to enjoy riding. Not all bikes work with the same inner tube. It has to be made for each other to work better and fit. For that, we have some of the best inner tubes reviewed just for you. Take your time to look through

  1. Continental New – Presta Valve MTB Bike

Continental’s new 2 pack is made for inches 26, 27.5, and 29 inches bikes. You could try the continental for those who have one of the bikes in need of the Presta valve. Several people have gone for the continental new pack, giving reviews. Some of the reviews are good, and others are negative. The features it has are outstanding, which makes it a better choice for you. The Presta valve comes with a length of 42mm. It’s long to allow you to pump it effectively. It has a fantastic core construction. The threaded w/ removable valve core.

It’s a decent quality tube which you may not what to miss. Well, it comes in different sizes a 26 x 1.75-2.5”, 27.5 x 1.75-2.5” and 29 x 1.75-2.5”. If your bike ranges between these sizes, then a continental new pack could be your choice. Remember that is not enough reason to get continental 2 pack new.

Continental should meet other features like the valve. The valve should be the same for them to work together. There is one thing about the continental that you may find a problem with. The Presta valves do not come with a retaining nut.

The valves are always different. The Schrader and the Presta are not the same as they used to be years ago. Form the reviews by people who have used the bike for years, they have been tampered with, and most are horrible. Continental 2 pack is one of the best to have for your mountain bike, but the valve should match.

  • Easy to use
  • Works with different sizes
  • 42 mm length
  • The construction core is amazing
  • It doesn’t come with retaining nut
  1. Bell Standard – Best For Self Sealing Tubes

Bell STANDARD Tube 26 x 1.75-2.25

Bell standard is a self-sealing bike tube that does not need you to repair the tire immediately. When you experience puncture while riding, the sealing releases itself and seals the hole. It molds cured rubber for sidewall. What the sealant does is prevent the high pressure inside from blowouts. The quality of the Bell standard is high and tested to make sure it gives what it says it does.

The tube weighs 110 g which adds some weight to the tire but not that much. This means it could roll over bumps without any problem with weight. With the seal sealant capability, you can move over debris and be sure to overcome them without getting a flat tire. The valve of the Bell standard is Schrader with a great length of 35mm with a cap. Bell is great for kid’s bike tires.

The sealant inside seals the holes of up to 1/8 inch, which is quite good. It means you will survive for miles without stopping to change the tire. You may also not need to change the tire until the end of its life end. That is because it lasts the life of the tire. The sealant does not freeze or dry out all through.

  • Comes with sealant
  • It does not dry or freezes
  • Adds 110g
  • Long-lasting
  • The sealant does not hold for long
  1. Kenda Inner Tubes – Best For MTB Mountain Bike

Kenda Inner Tubes Black 26x1.90/1.95/2.10/2.125 Schrader Valve For MTB Mountain Bike, Bulk 2 Pack

Kenda Inner Tubes is black and made to work with tires of size 26 with different widths. The width is 1.90, 1.95 to 2.125”. When looking for the inner tube for your bike tire, you have to consider the size of your tire, the width, quality, and the valve. These are some factors that affect how your inner tube behaves. The thickness of the tire is very important. When the thickness is thin, then the likelihood of the tire going flat is very high.

This is especially true when riding over sharp objects. Just like the care tire valve, the Kenda bike inner tubes are made with the Schrader valve type. You could have your bike inflated in a local gas station with it. But it would be good to have your pump with you all the time.

It comes with two tubes when you buy. This gives you’re an extra one if you need another replacement later. You have to note the type of valve the tube comes with. Not all bike comes with the same valve. That means the Schrader valve is only meant for a bike that has the same valve, and the same goes for the Presta valve.

Look at the bike tire and know which valve it uses before making the decision on getting the inner tube. The Kenda tube uses Schrader, which should go with the same valve bike tire.

  • Schrader valve
  • Great thickness
  • Used on 26-inch bikes
  • No Major Issue
  1. VeloTubes Premium – Best For Mountain Bike Inner Tubes

26 X 1.75/2.3-48mm Presta (French) Valve

Velotubes premium mountain bike inner tube is one of a kind for mountain bikes. Inner tubes have flooded the market, but not all of them are as good as they claim to be. Of course, not all products are as good as they seem or said to be by the manufacturers. But some of them are just perfect. With minimal disadvantage, it gives impressive results.

The Velotubes come with high-quality butyl rubber compounds. The rubber material is made to give excellent maximum performance to your liking. With the quality of material used, getting a picture becomes less over time. It’s a long-lasting and durable one compared to too many out there. The valve of the tube is the Schrader. Its length is 35mm, and an auto valve. With the distance, it’s much easier now to inner pump and inflates the tube. You don’t need to buy the extended length for it.

It’s bulk for pack tube.

As for the bike, the tire works with its 26 inches, which means the same as the wheel tire. If your tire is 26 inches, then the inner tube you should be looking for should be of the same size to fit perfectly. With the test done to ensure the tire and the tube are okay, you will like the end result. You may ride for long without experiencing something funny on the way. The bursting is rare and can hardly happen unless otherwise.

  • Bulk pack of 4
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • No Major Issue
  1. BWSHLF – Durable Butyl Rubber Tube

BWSHLF 26" Mountain Bike Inner Tubes (2 Pack), Durable Butyl Rubber MTB Bicycle Replacement Fit 1.75-2.3, Schrader 35mm

BWSHLF is designed with high-quality rubber material; the performance sees the result. Since the BWSHLF used 60% high butyl rubber, it becomes different from the ordinary inner tubes. The airtightness is 8 times that of the natural rubber and is not easy to burst due to temperature changes. The sidewall is thick at 1.1 mm, which gives it more resistance to puncture than ordinary bike tubes. The tube is made to work with different tire sizes 26, 27.5, and 29. It works with an A/V Schrader valve of 35 mm or even the F/V Presta valve of 48mm. Before buying the tube, make sure it’s suitable for your bike.

The 35mm Schrader and the 48mm Presta is made for the MTB inner tubes. The inner tubes have passed through quality control to ensure you get a worthy product at the end. The shape of the tube is round and made sure to be uniform in its roundness for better reliability. The features make it one of the best mountain bike tubes to have for a long ride without any eventuality.

From the test done on the inner tube, you can be sure to be safe from explosives when inflating or riding. The tube comes in an exclusive carton and contains two inner tubes for easy replacement when you buy it. The outstanding inner tube is easy to install and gives you’re a lasting performance. BWSHLF is the kind of tube that you would not want to miss out on

  • Durable
  • High-quality material
  • Great thickness
  • Uniform roundness
  • Non-explosive
  • The durability could be better.
  1. 2 Pack Bike Tube – Best Anti Puncture Tube for Bike Bicycle

2 Pack Bike Tube with 3 Tire Levers, 26"×1.75/1.95/2.10/2.125 Bicycle Inner Tube Tyres Road MTB Bike Interior Tire Tube Anti Puncture Tube for Bike Bicycle Tire (26”×1.75/2.125)

2 pack bike tube could be what you are looking for for your bike tire. Puncture happens to many people, but you never know when. For that, you have to prepare yourself with the best inner tubes that fit your bike tire. Not all inner tubes can work effectively to give you the best performance. 2 pack bike tube comes with a Schrader valve type and a length of 32mm. Its dimensions 20” x 1.75-2.125 fit a 20-inch wheel. It comes with a tire width of 1.75 to 2.125.

Durability for any product you get is very important. 2 pack bike tube has been designed with a high-quality butyl rubber compound to give a more durable end result. The airtightness of the pack bike tube is evident with the material used. The tube is longer, which improves its durability.

It will not take long to install the bike tube. This may be attributed to the long Schrader valve that makes it easier to pump and also the tire levers with you. The levers let you get the tube out easily when changing. The plastic tire levers are hard, durable, and very effective when prying open the tire for replacement. It’s mainly made for almost all bike wheels.

The inner tube is made for bikes with sizes 20 to 26 inches. Before getting this type of inner tube, make sure it’s suitable with your own bike for effective performance and long-lasting. The type of valve used on the inner tube should be the same as the one you were using before. You should not get Presta when your bike has been using Schrader.

  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with levers
  • High quality
  • Made In China
  1. AR-PRO 26’’, 27.5″, 29″ Road/Mountain Bike

AR-PRO (6 Pack) 26" Road Bike and Mountain Bike Replacement Inner Tubes - 6 Mountain Bike Replacement Inner Tubes with 42mm Presta Valve and 2 Free Tire Levers

AR-PRO is a universal fit that is able to fit 26” x 1.75” -2.125 replacement tubes. For bike riders, it’s good to prepare for eventualities when riding on different terrains. It works with different bike sizes 26”, 27.5”, and 29 inches. If your bike ranges between these sizes, you will likely like it. It’s made to give you maximum riding performance. The tube is made for road bikes and mountain bikes with 26-inch tires. The bike tube is made with a Presta valve with valve caps. Its reinforced construction at a length of 42mm. It has the correct length for road bikes with great deep-section wheels. It’s made to make your user experience friendly with the right pump and valve adapter.

The thick butyl rubber inner tubes absorb shock. This is because the rubber has been designed to withstand high pressure. The thickness of the design contributes to the air-tight construction and the high shock absorption ability. You can ride on potholes like it’s nothing. With the inner tube, your safety comes first with the high-quality material. The tube has self-sealing capabilities and prevents explosive punctures while riding. You can easily replace your inner tubes easily when needed. It comes with a free tire lever. This will help you to pry open the tires and replace them with a new one. It’s something that can take you five minutes to be done with it.

  • Easy to replace
  • Comes with self-sealant
  • Shock absorption is good
  • It comes with a free tire lever
  • The sealant cannot hold for long
  1. Bell Schrader – Best For Self Seal Inner Tube

Bell Schrader Self Seal Inner Tube, 29" x 2.10-2.25" x 35mm

Bell Schrader self-seal inner tube is one of a kind in the market. It has been engineered to make it easier on you when you encounter flat. When buying the bike inner tube, there are several things that one looks at. One of the things that you have to look at and consider is the size. Does the size correspond with mine? That’s the first question you look at. The second thing you consider is the type of valve it uses. Does the valve match with the one on my tube? If it does, then go ahead to get but not until it meets all the other requirements you are looking for in a bike tube. The valve should either be Presta or the Schrader valve.

The third thing you should be able to consider is the flat protection it comes with. The Bell Schrader comes with a pre-installed sealant in it for protection in case of a puncture. You will not mess with the liquid sealant at all when having the Bell Schrader. For almost two years, you are able to use the tube while it seals itself when a puncture occurs. It may be true on some bikes but not on all bikes. According to the reviews by other riders, it has disappointed them at some point. To others, it took days before it failed, but too rare ones it didn’t work on the same day and busted on them. The good thing with the sealant is that it will not freeze or dry in this period.

It’s very fast when sealing the punctures at 1/8” as you ride. The Schrader valve length of the tube is 40mm.

  • Best for mountain bikes
  • Self-sealant
  • Seals up to 1/8” while you ride
  • It does not dry or freezes
  • The seal doesn’t hold for long
  1. Continental Bicycle Tubes – Best For MTB

Continental Bicycle Tubes MTB 26 (1.75-2.25) Presta Valve 42mm Bike Tube - Value Bundle (Pack of 5) Bicycle Tube

For those looking for the bike tubes at the moment, it could be confusing with them flooding the market. Well, you could try the continental bike tube, but first, you have to understand how it works and its features. This is to make sure it suits your bike better before making that decision. The continental bicycle tubes MTB is made to work with different bikes. Some of the bile size it’s able to work with include 26, 27.5,28, and 29 inches. If you have a bike that falls in any of these categories, then you have a chance of liking it. The dimensions are 26x 1.75 to 26 x 2.5, ETRTO: 47-559 to 62-559.

The conventional inner tube uses the Presta valve. That is one of the features you have to look at before making the next decision. Remember, your bike tube should always be the same as the one designed. You cannot go from Schrader and use the Presta at any moment. They will not work well. The length of the valve is very important, especially when pumping air into it.

The length of the Presta valve of the conventional tube is 42mm. The material used is the Butyl MTB which is high quality and precisely what you may be looking for. The quality of the tire you are going for should be worth your money able to serve you for a long time. It’s easy to find the hose when needed. That’s why it’s said to be user-friendly.

From the explanation, you understand the conventional tube and how it works, and the valve it uses. The information is enough to let you choose whether to buy it or not.

  • It comes in different sizes
  • High quality
  • It uses the butyl rubber
  • It is made lightweight and durable
  • Amazing wall thickness
  • No Major Issue
  1. 2 Pack Fat Tire Bike Tubes 27.5 X 2.50

2 Pack Fat Tire Bike Tubes 27.5 X 2.50/2.75/2.80/3.0 AV32mm Schrader Valve 27.5" BMX Bicycle Tire Tubes Compatible with 27.5X2.50 27.5X2.75 27.5 X 2.80 27.5X3.0 Mountain Bike Fat Tire Tubes

2 pack fat tire bike tubes are among the best tubes in the market for your bike. The 2 pack fat tire is made to suit a size 27.5 c 2.5 -3.0 fit 27.5-inch wheel.t the tire width is between 2.5 and 3.0.

The inner tube of the bike is designed from premium butyl rubber material. It’s designed to feature remarkable features. Some of the features include ozone resistance, anti-aging, electrical insulation merits, great sealing performance, shock absorption, and so on. All of these features make the bike tube one of the best to have for your mountain bike. This means the durability of the inner tube is excellent. When going for any inner tube of your bike, you should look for one with great features that suits your need. The bike’s performance is greatly affected when it does not have great features.

Well, the quality of any bike tube is very important. When going for an inner bike tube, make sure the quality is great. If the bike you are riding is made of a poor quality inner tube, then it’s likely it be punctured or burst when using. It will burst when the pressure is too much and easily deflate when pierced by sharp objects. 2pack fat tire tube has been designed with the best quality you could ask for.

Well, this could be best for those looking for the Schrader valve type. That is because it comes with a valve size 32mm Schrader valve. The butyl rubber tire tube is made to absorb shocks on a bumpy road. This makes it a comfortable and safe ride for you. Its heat resistance is superb and able to tolerate the wear and tear of everyday rides. This means a lot and deeply confirm why the bike tube is the best for you.

  • Safe ride
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Schrader valve
  • Heat resistant
  • It’s not for all bike types

The Best Mountain Bike Tubes buying guide In 2021

  1. Tube size

When buying the best inner tubes for a mountain bike, you have to consider the tube size before making any decision. There are lots of inner tubes in the market, but not all of them are made for all bikes. You have to be specific and know the exact size you are looking for. Every bike tire comes with its size indicated, making it easy for you to do the right thing. The length of the tube should be the same as your bike tire size

  1. butyl vs. latex: Inner tube materials

What is the material used in making the tube you are looking for? Go for a bike tube that is made to last and pass through the different terrains with sharp objects and other obstacles that can cause a flat. Some of the cheaper tubes are made heavy and have more weight which adds to the resistance. You may be wondering which bike tube you should go for: The Butyl or the Latex. It’s good you know more about them before making any decision.

The Butyl rubber is the standard designed for the inner tubes. They are affordable and readily available in the market. It’s made strong, resistant material and comes with lightweight versions as well.

There are also latex rubber tubes that are made t enhance the riding experience. It’s more flexible than the butyl rubber. They are made to adapt faster to the tire’s changing shape. They are suitable for everyone who wants weight savings. It has lower rolling resistance, unlike the Butyl material.

  1. Presta or Schrader valves?

Which of the valves are you going for in a bike? Two types of valves come with bike tubes. There is a bit of difference between them. The Presta valve has been designed with a slimmer stem. They are found in higher pressure tubes, most likely the road bikes. For you to inflate or deflate the valve, you must unscrew the top section to allow the valve core to move freely. This is to enable it to open and close easily. They are the easiest to pump when compared to the Schrader valves. It has a small diameter that requires a smaller hole on the rim, which is essential when using a high-end bicycle rim.

The Schrader valves have been designed to work with lower pressure tires and are mostly used by mountain bikes. They can fill up air at the local gas station if you encounter an emergency. Though that is possible and amazing, it’s recommended you carry your bike pump with you. The Schrader valve is the most used and robust and has an easily removable core. It can be used universally

  1. Puncture protection

Your bike can get a puncture anytime. You never know when it will happen. There are ways to prevent or reduce the possibility of your bike getting one. Even so, there are not always 100% effective. Though you cannot prevent your bike from getting a puncture, you can go for ways that will make it reduced. The first thing and step you have to do is make sure you get a good quality tire. This, in ways, reduces the risk of getting a flat tire. Keep on checking your bike on wear and replace when needed to avoid frequent tire punctures. Inflating your bike is very important. Ensure the tires are inflated well and on the required amount.

Getting tire sealants is also great for puncture protection. It’s suitable to be used with inner tubes that have removable cores. The sealant is then squeezed into the inner tube and seals the small holes. The sealant is excellent to use when there are small holes from thorns and other sharp objects. It works to fill the leak and create a plug immediately it comes into contact with air. Use it for temporary prevention.

There is also the use of tire liner as a method of puncture protection. A tire liner is a thin strip of plastic that is made to sit between the tire and the tube. The extra layer of plastic between the two helps to reduce the chance of the thorns and sharp objects puncturing through the tire to reach the tube. There are very well known and used mainly by many commuters as a prevention measure.

  1. Mountain bike Inner tube valve lengths

Mountain bike inner tubes valve comes in different sizes. Presta inner tubes come in different valve lengths in rim profiles. As it said, it depends on the depth of the rims. Therefore, when your mountain bike has a deep rim profile, make sure the valves of the tire are long enough to extend out for inflation. It should be both long and able to fit your pump. Id not you could get a valve extender in the market which allows you to extend and use it effectively

  1. Warranty

What is the warranty of the inner tube you are going for? Is it an important aspect you have to consider when buying a bicycle? Your answer to this question will enable you to know which warranty is good and whether you need it.

FAQs on Best Mountain Bike Tubes

  • Is our mountain bike tube worth it?

Yes. They give a long-term use before you can replace them again.

  • Is Presta valve better than Schrader?

Both of the valves have been made to work for the best. Though they are both okay, you cannot change them when replacing them. It should always be the same with your existing valve type

  • How much does a bike tube cost normally?

With $10, you can get one of the best bike tubes for your bike.

  • How do I know my bike tube size?

Your bike tube size should be the same size as the size of the tire

  • What size are mountain bike tubes?

The bike tubes come in different sizes same as the tire size. For every tire size mountain bike has, the tubes come in all those sizes.

  • Will a 1.75 tube fit a 1.5 tire?

No. It has to be the same size to fit

  • Can I use the wrong size inner tube?

No. It will only cause you problems when it does not fit properly

  • What size inner tube do I need for a mountain bike?

When looking for the inner tube for the mountain bike, it has to be of the same size as the tire itself.


Puncture is a must in one’s life while riding a bike. The way of tackling the issue is always different depending on where you are. You could go for a tire inner tube replacement or go for the sealant.

Since you have different options, you could prevent your bike from getting a flat frequently. As we have seen in the points above, it’s possible to do. With all those best mountain bikes tubes in the market, you will not lack.

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