How To Use Bicycle Lubrication Oil Properly On A Hybrid Bike

Just like having food every day to sustain us in good condition, the bikes need oiling to function well and give us service. We all know that without maintain and care for our bikes especially long distance bikes, we will have great issues with them on our way around the country.

Lubrication helps to protect the moving parts of the bike from excessive wear due to friction and prevents them from rust and corrosion.

Riding bikes has become part of our life from commuting leisure, sports, and many other things. There is no way you can overlook the importance of bikes in society today. Maintenance of the bike is very crucial to having a properly functioning bike. There are certain places in the bike that need great care by lubricating them.

Here we have to look at some of these places and how to oil them properly. Though lubrication is important and crucial for proper functioning, when done too much it can lead to poor performance. When there is excess lube, you should carefully remove them away carefully before you ride your bike.

Before we go deep into how to use bicycle lubrication oil properly on hybrid bikes, let’s look at the reasons why the bike needs lubrication.

How To Use Bicycle Lubrication Oil Properly On Hybrid Bike

Why Your Bike Needs Lubrication

  • To avoid corrosion
  • Keeps the moving parts in good condition
  • Prevent defacing
  • Increase performance
  • Saves you money

Types of Lubricants to use

  • Dry lubes
  • Wet Lubes


When you are thinking or hear of lubricating a bike, this is the first part of a bike that comes to mind. This is the part that plays an important part in a bike in helping in movement and acceleration. When you neglect or not care for it properly, it can produce a very irritating sound while you ride. It can as well snap when you are riding due to a lack of oil.

Before you do anything, you have to clean it first by degreasing. This way you will remove all the dirt and grease that are stuck in it. When you are doing this, make sure your bike is in proper possible to have an easier time. Take a rag and put the degreaser to it and backpedal your bike while the rag has been placed well to the chain.

This should continue for a while until the chains are clean. From what you have done above repeat it to dry the chains using a clean rag. Then take the lubricant and apply a drop on each chain as you backpedal. This way it will spread well in each chain. Make sure to wipe any excess lube on the chain. To maintain a proper chain life, make its regular procedure for proper functioning.


Pedals help a lot in your movement without proper lubrication and maintenance. The pedals could give you a hell of trouble while on your mission to achieve a long mile. There is a high probability that your pedal may seize due to corrosion if not handled well. Sometimes you find that your pedal refuses or becomes difficult to remove, the reason could be because of lack of maintenance and lubrication.

Take drops of the lube and apply it to the corners of your pedal after cleaning. Make sure you clean the pedals first before applying the lube. You should put more attention to the pedal and the crank arm also around the spindle that rotates. All these parts are important for your bike and allow you to have a great time riding.

Brake Arms

The brakes are very sensitive and should make sure not to let it spill on the brake pad for it not to reduce brake impact. You should lube the moving parts and the knots also the brake cable. The maintenance comes in handy in increasing or restoring the great performance of the bike. Drop the oil on the brake and gently rub it with your fingers well.


Derailleurs are mainly some parts that have been attached to the wheel of the bike and come with front and the rear derailleur that helps to ensure the gears works well and respond each time you press the brakes. The pivot in these parts needs a lot of lubes to make them kept working and not be rigid.

Drop some oil on the moving part on the derailleur and work to rub them will using your finger and continue to work until you see it become fine. Also, turn the pedals and look closely at the gears and know which part needs lubrication.

Jockey wheel

This being a part that is attached to the chain; it then needs a good lubing to avoid it corroding or seizing. Though he chains rub to it when you have already oiled it still needs a good lubing to keep it in great condition. Drops few drops of oil to it and back pedal to allow it to spread all over the place. You can as well remove the chains first, but it is not really necessary as you can apply the oil with its presence. After you are done applying the oil, you can now backpedal it to make it also spread in the chain.


We all know cycling and bike sporting can be enjoyable and fun making the whole family time great and better. This becomes even more fun when you ride in between the traffic to reach your destination even faster and easier. Now that is what is called enjoying oneself.

This could only be true or reality if you have a good relationship with your bike. Let’s take care of it like any other valuable thing you have in your home. If you do not take proper care of your bike, you are going to have a hectic time with rigid moving parts. Also, it is much easier to do this without involving the mechanic and use lots of money. The instructions are cheap to follow especially if you are doing it for the first time.

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