5 Best Bike Pedals For Large Feet In 2022 [Expert Recommended]

Looking for the best bike pedals for large feet is not as hard as many may think, but it also requires time to look through the many. There is a lot in the market in different designs. When looking, it depends on which one you are looking for and the type as well.

For this, we have reviewed some of the best bike pedals for large feet. It will make it easier for you to select and get the right one. Many factors affect your decision on the pedal you want. One could be budget, design, price, and bike pedal type.

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How many types of bike pedals are there?

The bike pedals come in three styles in the market: clipless and platform. All of the styles are great, depending on which one is your preference. Here, please take a look at them

  1. Clip

The pedal has a toe clip attachment with a strap for the foot through the cage. Most of the bikes in the market are abandoning the clip pedal for others like clipless and platform. The clip pedals allow you to place your food in the cage and have the strap tighten it. Though they tighten, they are considered to be less safe than others.

That’s why most of the bikes in the market are coming out clipless.

  1. Clipless

The clipless pedals have been designed to allow you to attach your foot without binding. You can increase the efficiency of pedaling easily when you do it mechanically. It has easier power transfer and ensures your foot does not slip off. They are clipless because they are free from the old fashion ones. They are designed to shed mud easily and are safe for you in case you fall down while riding.

  1. Platform

The platform is another style of pedals and is mostly found in the BMX, recreational, and mountain bikes. The platform pedal is simple and lets you step on and start riding. They are the easiest type and do not require any special riding technique or shoe.

Top 5 Best bike pedals for large feet In 2022

  1. Alston Road Bike Pedals – Best for Mountain Bicycles

If you are looking for an incredible pedal for your bike and the durability is one of the goals, then you have got the right one. The Alston road bike pedals are an amazingly durable, strong pedal in the market that you would not want to miss.

The pedal has a sturdy nylon fiber surface, and high strength chromium-molybdenum alloy spindle with shockproof.

Apart from the shockproof, it also has incredible corrosion-resistant features. Sometimes when you ride on a shaky and bumpy road with great shockproof, you would not feel it at all with the pedal. It has a wide platform, a better fill on the sole, and a large pedal.

The large pedal bike gives more comfort while riding and is safer at the same time.

It has anti-slip spikes on each side that provide more security while pedaling and also hold your feet in place in any scenario. The pedal does not take much time to install, which is quick and easy for the CR-L for the left and CR-R for the right. It has a sealed bearing on the bike pedals to protect the spindle from water and dirt. Its waterproof and ant slip allows you to enjoy the ride anytime and in any weather condition.

The pedal is a universal standard 9/16 spindle for BMX, MTB, mountain bikes, hybrid, vintage, dirt, road, track, and even more. You can get the pedal for any of your bikes and have a complete match.

  • Easy to install with the CR-L and CR-R clearly stated
  • It has anti-slip spikes on each side of the pedal for security
  • Suitable for different bikes
  • Great for different weather conditions with the dirt and waterproof
  • Not for everyone
  1. Road/Mountain Bike Pedals – Removable Anti-Skid Nails System

Road/ mountain bike pedals are looked for by many in the market with their performance and durability. The mountain bike pedals are made lightweight, which is excellent for pedaling, especially while climbing a hill. The double flat pedals are built around aluminum chassis and give contact to your bike with the 7 pins per pedal side and a slightly concave surface.

It’s easy to maneuver around when you stand on the large flat pedals without fixing the binding. You enjoy the bike ride anywhere and anytime with great anti-skid and excellent grips.

The bike is sturdy and durable, giving you a long pedal before changing again. It’s made of an aluminum alloy body, a Cr-Mo steel spindle, and equally distributed anti-skid nails. Its lightweight, durable and has a better grip force.

It has machining technology with a whole pedal body carved from aluminum alloy.

The pedals are sealed with three bearings. The bearing reduces rotational resistance with 3 bearings, making cycling comfortable and safe. The pedal has a wider platform, making it comfortable for those with large feet to enjoy riding. It’s increasingly comfortable in different road conditions while riding.

The wide platform makes it so comfortable no matter the road. Bumpy, or not. Well, installing it is easy. It has a label L for the left and R for the right. Its 9/16-inch spindle is suitable for most bikes. You may not have to worry about if it will fit your bike or if it’s suitable.

  • Large Pedal
  • Easy to install
  • Has L and R labels for installing
  • Suitable for most bikes
  • Comfortable
  • They are lightweight
  • It could not be your size. Check carefully
  1. High-Strength Non-Slip Flat Pedals- Best for Road Mountain BMX MTB Bike

MTB pedals are one of the best high-strength non-slip bike flat pedals on the market. It has been designed with a wider platform and is also lightweight. The pedals are able to support the foot evenly when riding without feeling uncomfortable or small on your feet. The pedal provides you with a comfortable riding experience throughout your riding time. Also, pedaling efficiency is without question. You don’t have to worry about it being too hard to pedal. The bike pedal is lightweight, thanks to the material used. The pedal has been designed from an aluminum alloy body, making it sturdy, durable, and lightweight. It has sealed bearing biking on the pedals that protect spindles from water and dust, giving you a clean ride with no worries. That means you can ride in any weather condition and enjoy the ride.

The bike pedal is a precise CNC cut that is made of high-strength aluminum that extends the life of the bike pedals. This gives you security due to durability, no matter the condition of the terrain. Remember, the bikes are designed to ride in different terrains. It is very important to get the right pedal that will withstand their ruggedness or the roughness.

That means you should be able to consider all the other factors when buying the pedal. The installation is easy, with right labels on the pedals to make it easier to distinguish which one is Left and Right. They have the signs CR-L for left and CR-R for right. The pedal design and style make it beautiful to the eye and lighten the cycling sports. The pedal is made suitable for different types of bikes the BMX. MTB, hybrid bikes, Mountain bikes, Old school, Commuter, and many others. So, if your bike lies within some of these bikes, then the pedal is suitable for you.

The 6 anti-skid nails on each pedal side make it great for friction. Your fit doesn’t slide while riding, even in muddy areas. But still, you have to be careful in extremely muddy areas.

  • Grip is great
  • Made for different bikes
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install with the labeling
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Can have mad stuck to it
  1. BV Bike Pedal Set – 9/16″ Inch Boron Steel Spindle

Well BV bike pedal is one of the super light and easy to install that would make the riding experience better and more enjoyable. It has been designed to be rigid and light with one piece of resin body with reflectors. Its made for most adults and universal. It’s known that BV is continuously improving and evolving to meet the needs of the different customers. It has a ball bearings system that utilizes every pedal stroke as you ride.

The bearing gives you a smooth ride and maneuvers easily in different terrains with no worry. The riding experience will also depend on the rider. How skilled are you in cycling, and enjoyable do you think your ride could be? A good rider makes a good bike and vice versa.

It uses the standard 9/16 sturdy Boron steel spindle that has been built to last. The sturdiness of the pedal makes it an ideal pedal for the different bikes and is suitable for most of them. Also, it’s made to fit most adults for different types of bikes. It could be for commuting, urban rides, E-bike, and trekking. The BV pedals are designed to cover the different bikes’ needs and suit them. The goal of the BV manufacturers is to meet their goal 100% and offer customers what they are looking for.

  • Universal pedals
  • Suitable for adults
  • 9/16 inches
  • It’s rigid and light 
  • It’s not for all bikes
  1. Schwinn Adult Replacement Bike Pedals – Best Fits For Most Adult Bikes

Replacing your bike pedals is one thing you will have to do severally in your riding life. For that, you may have to know the different types of pedals available in the market and which one is suitable for your bike. The Schwinn adult replacement bike pedal is one of the best dike pedals available in the market, with high compatibility with different bikes. For one, the bike has been designed to be a universal fit, meaning it’s for all bike types.

You don’t have to be with a mountain bike for it to fit. It has a ½ “Pedal with a 9/16 pedal adaptor that fits all types of bike cranks. Security in low-light areas or conditions is very important to avoid accidents and getting hurt while not seeing who is ahead or what. The pedals come with reflectors to increase visibility in low-light conditions. This is amazing and probably what you would go for to increase the visibility of your bike while riding.

The make and durability must be great for the pedal to be exceptionally good. You don’t want a pedal that will last a month, and it’s again down for replacement. You want one durable and sturdy, even feeling it while riding.

The Schwinn bike pedal has been designed with a durable composite body that will not rust even when passed through water severally and passed on the sun again. It’s made to make the riding experience better for you. Also, since it comes in different colors, you will enjoy the color you like the most, making the riding lighter.

  • Great replacement bike pedal
  • Durable composite body
  • It’s universal
  • It comes in different colors
  • The lock is made of plastic

Right bike pedals buying guide for large feet In 2022

  1. Know your feet size

When going for a bike pedal in the wide market, you have to know your foot size. The pedals all come in different sizes, and if you are not careful, you will get something that does not fit you. So look through the different bike pedals available and get the one that fits your feet as well as other factors considered

  1. Durability

How durable is the pedal you are going for? That is a question that you should have in your mind while looking for a pedal. You have to get something that is durable and that you will not have to buy a replacement again and again. The material used in making the pedal also speaks a lot. It will tell you if it’s durable or not.

  1. Pins

Most of the pedals in the market come with pins that help increase their grip and are anti-skid. This way, your feet will not be slid down while riding in a muddy, rainy condition. Check the pins on the pedals before deciding. The more pins on either pedal have, the more friction it has.

  1. Colors

Preference is a very important part of choosing the parts of a bike you or anything else. The pedals all come in different colors. When looking, you may have to consider the color you like and want. You could go for the design and the physical attractiveness. Or you could be carefree and choose any color as long as the pedal works well.

  1. Easy to setup

The easiness of setting up the bike pedal is also a very important factor to consider when buying one. You should not struggle one bit to install the pedal. Most of the companies design the pedal in a way it’s labeled to make it easier for you to know which goes where. It could either be CR-L for left, CR-R for right, or just simple L and R for left and right.

  1. Smooth pedaling

The pedaling should be smooth with the pedal you are going for. Look through the pedal, and you can look at the reviews of the people who have experienced the pedal before. That way, you get to understand the pedal you are buying. Of course, people do have different riding experience on the same pedal, but the majority speaks the truth

  1. Washable

Can you wash the pedal you are going for? You should consider if the pedal can be washed. Remember, you ride in different weather conditions, and getting dirty is a must. The pedal you buy should be able to be cleaned while cleaning the bike. If it’s not washable, then it’s not good for you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Are bigger bike pedals better?

Yes. For bigger feet, it is better, but for smaller feet, it’s not suitable. The bike pedal should fit your feet perfectly for an enjoyable ride

  1. How do you know what size pedals to get?

Know the size of your feet, and you will know the pedal’s size. It has a chart for size selection

  1. Are flat pedals OK on a road bike?

They are OK. You can ride a road bike with flat pedals and experience the best without facing difficulties.

  1. What is the most common bike pedal size?

9/16 is the most common pedal bike in the market. It’s the standard size

  1. How do you tell if my pedals are 1 2, or 9 16?

You will need to find out whether the existing pedals axle is ½ or 9/16; that will tell the size of the pedals. If there is no measurement on the bike, you have to look at the paperwork that came with your bike. If not, then you will have to ask the LBS if it’s possible to test out some existing ½ s and 9/16s

  1. Is clipless bike pedals worth going?

Yes. They are great and easy to use. It’s also comfortable and can jump off the bike if you want to avoid sticking to it when facing an accident.

  1. Are Mountain Bike Pedals Universal?

They are universal. The mountain bike pedals are made universal and can fit the different bikes on the market.


Getting the right pedal for your bike is not hard at all. We have looked at the best bike pedals for large feet, and most are incredibly good. Having a pedal that fits your feet well is good without feeling uncomfortable riding.

The large-foot bikes make the riders feel comfortable no matter the terrain they are riding. To get the right size, you have to know the size of your feet and then make the selection. Don’t go for a pedal just because it’s fancy. Go for one because it fits you and looks great.

With the different types of pedals in the market, it could’ve been hard to select but not with the reviews for you. Its easier now to choose the one you want or have some ideas on what you would like to have.

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