BMW (Licensed) Children’s Speed Bike, Battery Operated Red Review

The bike is one of the best transport for teenagers and adults. People love to drive super bikes which can compete with others. Keeping in view this now BMW has released the speed bike but this time for children. As many of the children want their bike at a young age although they do not have a driving license at that time, the craze of them about bike sometimes push parents to buy a bike for them on their birthday as a gift.

BMW Balance bike is the best gift you can ever give to your kids because it has the same body shape and style as the original superbikes which are used in the Moto GP race. We all know that kids especially boys are passionate about bikes that are why from a very young age they learn to ride a bike which sooner or later can become their passion and they enter the world of bike racing. This balance bike of BMW has amazing features and quality so far one of the best bikes developed for the kids.

Features Of BMW (Licensed) Children’s Speed Bike

There are many remarkable features this bike has which makes it perfect for the boys who need to learn to bike before getting a driving license. The bike is very light-weight so the kid can easily be light-weight Usually, this bike is for kids under the age of six, but the maximum age limit is seven for this bike. Made up of plastic material whatever makes it best for kids to handle it. Stylish looks make it eye-catching for the kid and the sparkling red color gives a look of original superbikes.

Great Wheels

Wheels made for this bike can move forward and backward both using the button. This also comes with the training wheels on both sides of the bike which help the kid to maintain his or her balance on the bike. A complete manual is given with the bike which gives instruction on how to keep the wheels in operation and on what condition the wheel should be used for riding a bike.

Quality Breaks

Brakes are necessary for any bike and especially for the kid’s bike. That is why the company has made one of the best brakes for this bike. As it contains quality brakes on both wheels also the use of disc brake has made it more secure for the kids but there is an option either you can turn on the disc brakes or keep it off. The brakes on the back wheel are excellent it does not let the wheel slide when brakes are applied which shows the material used in the brake is adamant.

Comfortable Suspension

The suspension is the key component in any vehicle. The primary purpose of the suspension is to absorb the shocks which are created due to the bumps while riding a bike. Kids usually stumble when they ride a bike on a bumpy road due to which extremely comfortable and best quality shock absorber or in other words suspension is used by the BMW on the bike.

Training Wheels

For the kids who are riding the bike for the very first use of training, wheels is a must. These are used to let the kids learn to balance their bikes slowly and don’t let them fell off the bike. Training wheels are usually smaller in size and attached just above the back wheel.

Gifts for Children

This can be the best gift for the kid and maybe the best one he or she will remember all his life. As parents who know that their kid has an interest in bikes should purchase this fabulous creation for them.

Specs Of BMW (Licensed) Children’s Speed Bike

High quality and efficiency with a rechargeable battery, high-quality brakes, and wheels, training wheels for balancing and a plastic body make it lightweight for kids. These are the specification of this fantastic bike.


o Best gift for kids
o Training bike to learn
o Rechargeable battery no consumption of fuel


o Age limit is the restriction
o Not suitable to use in traffic
o Extra care is needed when kids are riding

Final Verdict

The specification and other characteristics of the bike make it the best thing for the kids that they can get at a young age. The best quality and performance make it perfect for learning to ride a bike. Balance wheel provides extra safety to the kid so overall this bike is the perfect gift for your kid a complete package for a young rider.

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