How To Carry Water On A Mountain Bike? Shown 10 Ways!

How To Carry Water on A Mountain Bike
How To Carry Water on A Mountain Bike

 I think you agree with me when talking about without hydrated can’t cycling. So, Today going to tell you how to carry water on a mountain bike In 10 ways.

Having water while riding is essential, especially to your health. Staying hydrated is very important. It ensures that your body is adequately fueled for the day’s activity. Make sure you stay dehydrated when exercising or cycling.

Cycling is one of the ways people use to lose weight. If you lose 2% of your body weight in the fluid, it may cause severe dehydration. It may then lead to a loss in muscle function, concentration, and more. If not careful and get dehydrated seriously, then you are in danger. It’s a killer situation. Be fit with the right moves and hydration is the key to being radiant always and healthy

10 Ways To Carry Water on a Mountain bike.

Here are some of the ways that you may carry water with you while riding. It’s suitable for those looking for ways that make it easier to carry water with them when riding.

1. Alpinestars Paragon Vest 

Alpinestars Paragon vest is a specific way of carrying water while you are riding. It’s An Italian protective wear brand that has produced a stretchy mesh-based vest. The vest features a flexible spine protector tucked inside. For those that are in for the endurance race and require the use of back protection, this is an ideal water carrier. The paragon vest differs from other spine protectors to tuck the hydration bladder into a secondary sleeve. It’s a matter of pulling two litter bladder out of your backpack and tucking it into the vest. It’s a neat low profile affair without the need to wear a whole bag to carry water when riding.

2. Stealth Bib Short Pockets

Stealth bib short pockets are the latest crop of stealth bib shorts in the market. The stealth features additional sewn-in mesh pockets that allow you to keep things on it. You can hold keys, a water bottle, and a mobile phone. With it, you don’t have to worry about adding nags and other luggage to your bike. Stealth is an ideal way of carrying water for riders who wear loose-fitting jerseys that don’t come with pockets. For any ride you are going for, having thee stealth bib short pockets is the best choice for you. You can use literary carry anything you want 

3. Hip Packs 

 For those riders that want to minimize the pack style, the hip pack is the ideal choice. There are lots of waist-mounted pack options in the market today. 

The hip packs are one of those in the market. The hip pack has a nice stretchy pocket that fits a bottle of water. It also has a few other pockets that help to store a multi-tool and also your phone. It’s an excellent pack to have if you want to have a few and a simple one on you. It’s a good one to have with you for an after-work deal for chasing the sunset.

4.  Bum Bags 

World mountain biking packs are so many in the market, and the newest option is the bum bags. The bum bag has been made for mountain bikers and has an additional smaller bladder and drink tube. The bladder and drinking tube allows you to port water as you would do with a backpack. This is different from the gear since you have it in a waist-mounted pack, and it does not cover your back and shoulders. The bum bags are ideal for a two-hour ride for those who can’t fit that water bottle into the frame.

5. Backpack 

 Most of the bikes in the market don’t have a bottle fit on the frame. You may have to do it on your own. If your bike doesn’t have one, then you have other options of carrying water bottles. 

There are backpacks from camelback, Dakine, and EVOC that allow you to carry your gears and come with a bladder inside to access water through the drinking tube. It’s a good move on your part when riding. You don’t have to keep on stopping to drink water, and much easier to carry around. The bladders go up to 3 liters in volume, making it the best for long-distance riding. Also, it gives you a place to park two sandwiches and a derailleur hanger

6. Hip Flask 

The hip flask is another option you have when carrying water while riding. It’s not always easy to find the proper water-carrying method, but with so many available, it becomes much better. The Hip flask can carry fluids for you, not necessarily water. The hip flask is ideal for single malt, isotonic sports drinks. Get the drink you want ready and take it with the hip flask. The size is small and not enough for water though it can still have water effectively. Origin8 makes a flask cage perfect for any bike and easy for you to move around

7. Fidlock Bottle Twist 

 Fidlock is a new bottle in the market that you may have to look at. The Fidlock bottle twist almost looks the mounting system like the Fabric’s Cageless Bottle. What it’s different is it adds magnets in for extra sweetness. With the two-bolt mounting standard, you will have to follow to install the bottle.

A linear rail bolt is attached to the frame, with two magnetic stubs sitting at either end of the rail. The 600ml bottle is designed with a corresponding bracket with two magnetic pockets. It’s made to line up with the rail on the frame. It would help if you held the bottle inline and above the rail. To remove the bottle, you only need to twist the bottle to the side, unlock it. 

8. Bottle Cage 

Bottle cage has been there for a long time and is known by riders. 

It’s a simple one for carrying water on the bike when going for a ride anywhere. It’s lightweight and does not add any weight to the cycle. The bottle cage puts the bottle within easy reach while riding and one you may need if you want a simple solution to water carrying issues. Most of the hardtail and full-suspension bikes come with a ready-fit cage and bottle inside the mainframe. You should know that not all frames can fit a bottle and cage due to the full-suspension designs.

9. Stealth Base Layer Pockets 

There has a new trend recently towards carrying one’s tool in stealth while riding. Since some of the bikes lack bottle cages, most people look for an alternative way of moving water—the clothing items such as the base layers with stretchy back pockets. The back pockets make it possible for you to stow your essentials, including the water bottle. The stealth tucks your items closer to your body, especially for those who wore looser casual-style jerseys over the top. It’s an easy water carrier design to have and also does not require much effort to carry.

10. Water Balls

 With great technology in place today, many things that were not possible before are here. There are some fantastic things like the water ball released and can be used to carry water when riding. The water ball uses a squishy membrane that is made from the seaweed to have water inside.

Since it’s seaweed, then it’s edible, and you only need to chew it in your mouth to get your water. It’s fantastic to have one and easy to carry since it’s small in size. The company that created the water balls has made water-free to get rid of plastic water bottles. This technology affects the environment positively.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

  • How do you carry water when mountain biking?

There are so many ways to carry water when going mountain climbing. You only need to identify the one that is suitable for you and enjoy the ride. With Your bike, you have water in the bottle cage or even a backpack, water balls, and so many others.

  • How do you carry water when cycling?

When cycling, you can carry water in your backpack that comes with a bladder and water tube connected to make it easy to drink. Also, you can have your water in the bottle cage in your bike frame for ease of access.

  • How much water should you carry mountain biking?

The amount of water one can carry from one person to another. You can carry up to 3 liters of water depending on the distance you will cover while riding. Some have 1 liter, 2 liters, and so on. It literary depends on you and space.

  • Where do you put the water bottle on a mountain bike?

Some of the mountain bikes come with bottle cages. It may be accurate, but not all of them do. You can install the bottle cage on your own and have a suitable place for a water bottle. Also, you can have your water bottle on stealth base material and wrap it in your waist. Since there are so many ways to carry a water bottle with, then you have no worries.


Mountain biking is a fantastic experience for many bikers that they may not want to miss. When going for long riding, you need to prepare well. For one, you need to have water with you and some snacks if possible.

Having water is no problem at all but how to carry water is the most important. You must find ways to help you take water and drink while riding. Here above, we have discussed some of how you can carry water with you. It’s not hard as long as you find the right way that is suitable for you.

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