How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Bike Tire

Bike tires are a unique and important part of bike life. They bear a heavy load when riding and tackle different terrains, which are hard to maintain.  The terrains and heavy loads on the bike have the impact of wearing them also affect their performance over time. You have to know how much it cost to replace a bike tire. … Read more

How To Paint A Bike Helmet

Today we will talk about how to paint a bike helmet at home with only 4 steps. We hope you are now tension-free cause you are In the right place to get an Idea of painting your bike helmet. You are looking to paint your bike helmet and give it a new look. Then be assured, you are on the … Read more

How To Put Pegs on A Bike?

How To Put Pegs on A Bike

You want to show your bike skills using pegs. You want to look cool. Want to get famous among your friends. Here, I will show you how to put pegs on a bike. Showing stunts on the bike is very famous. You can become famous around you. It is very cool. Biking skills like grinding and running only on one … Read more

How To Clean A Smelly Bike Helmet

You are also troubled by the smell of your helmet. You want to maintain your helmet correctly. Then be sure, I am going to provide you some easy processes to clean your bike helmet. A clean helmet will make you feel fresh; you will feel more energetic. You can ride the bike properly. Helmets are essential while riding a bike. … Read more

How To Remove Paint From Bike

How To Remove Paint From Bike

Hello ! biker. You want to give your bike a new look and remove all the paint damage it has. For this, firstly, you want to know how to remove paint from the bike. Paints used on bikes last long. But after some years, it starts fading, which changes its look. Having damages on the bike also affects its paints. … Read more

7 Ways to Become a Pro Mountain Biker 

To be a pro mountain rider, there are a lot of procedures and steps that one has to follow. There are no rules that state how to become a mountain rider out there, but there are tips on being the best. It’s not that heavy as long as you are determined to be one. To be a pro mountain rider, … Read more