Gorilla Tape Fat Bike Tubeless: Secrets Revealed!

Did you know that you can convert a tubed Fat Bike tire into tubeless? Yes, by following the gorilla tape fat bike tubeless process, you can surely make the conversion. However, not all of the available tapes are suitable for the project. Some will not be able to make the required seal.

But the good news is, we know which units are suitable. And through this article, we will give other information regarding them. We will also go through the process of converting a tubed tire into a tubeless one. So, if you want to know all about the topic, read till the very end!

What Is a Gorilla Tape?

You might not have heard about this highly versatile tape before. Well, in case you have not, the adhesive that it utilizes is rubber-based. Due to using such an adhesive, it will be capable of sticking on most of the plastics. And plastics are not the only thing the tapes will adhere to; they will adhere to other materials too.

On that note, these tapes are two to three times thicker than duct tapes. That makes these achieve a higher overall durability level. They can also withstand a higher load and will be capable of handling higher stress as well.

How Does a Gorilla Tape Work?

The gorilla tapes are usually of highly concentrated rubber. Even the adhesive is rubber-based, which makes them exceptionally thick. As the glue is rubber-based, it will be capable of bonding on most surfaces, including metal.

Due to the thick nature of the tapes, they can penetrate rough surfaces and fill gaps. These also hold the ability to stick to uneven and jagged surfaces. That means you can use these on wood, metal, brick, and stucco.

Nonetheless, after applying these to the surface, the tape will try to settle on top of it. Once it conforms to the top, it will require a little bit of pressure. Once it gets that, it will create a permanent bond. The bond will be firm, and it will be highly resistant to letting go of the surface.

How to Make Fat Bike Tires Tubeless Using Gorilla Tape? Step-by-Step

These are the steps that you would need to follow if you want to convert the tubed tire into tubeless:

Step 1: Remove the Tires and Tubes

First and foremost, you would need to remove the tire and the tube inside. Leave the decorative rim strip if you want to. But remove it if you do not like how it looks.

Step 2: Tape the Rim

Next, you would need to start taping the rim. Wrap the tape along the edge of the rim. Keep wrapping as close to the sidewall as possible. But make sure that you do not go over the rim. Ensure that the tape is smooth and straight.

Step 3: Construct a Hole for the Valve Stem

To make a hole, use the end of an awl. Heat it up and push it through the tape. Alternatively, you can use a Philips head screw for this step.

Step 4: Set the Bead

After the stem hole is made, place the tires and tubes on the rim and inflate the tube to 30 PSI.

Step 5: Remove the Tube

Try to remove the tube from one of the sides. But do not pull on the opposite side or from the bead.

Step 6: Install the Valve Stems and Add Sealant

Once the tube is out, place the valve stem on the hole. Then, add the sealant inside the system. Finally, inflate the tire by using an air compressor. It should have about 35 PSI pressure.

Our Recommended Top 3 Best Gorilla Tape in 2021

Now that you know all about the process and what the tape actually is. Let us go through the suitable options for the process and worthy of the price, shall we?

  1. Gorilla Black Duct – Highly Recommended

Among all of the offerings from Gorilla, the heavy-duty ones will be capable of offering a stellar seal inside the rim. And this particular unit is one of them.

The tape layers are strengthened with additional thickness. In fact, these are two times thicker than the regular tapes that are available in the market. It is excellent for both outdoor and indoor use, which means you will be able to use the leftovers for other projects.

On that note, it sticks to most of the surfaces. That includes unforgiving, uneven, and rough ones. So, you can make it stick to plaster, stone, brick, and wood. It also grips smoothly on those uneven and rough surfaces. The backing is reinforced too. There are tight weaves, which will contribute to the heft.

It is also resistant to harsh weather conditions. The unit can withstand UV rays, moisture, and extreme temperatures. So, even if you use your bike extensively in harsh outdoor conditions, the tape will not give in that easily.

  • The layer is extra thick
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Sticks to most of the surfaces
  • Has reinforced backing
  • Can resist harsh weather
  • The white color option does not come with that much tape
  • Silver one does not have that much stickiness

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It has extra thick layers that will make it stick adequately with surfaces. Also, it has reinforced backing that gives it extra bonding strength.

  1. Gorilla 6009002 – Great Pick

Want to ensure that the bike does not lose its sealing even when the condition of the weather is extreme? Check out what Gorilla has to offer here!

It holds the ability to resist extreme weather conditions. The bonding strength will not degrade one bit even if the temperature changes rapidly. As a result, the tube mod will stay intact, and you will not have to worry one bit while riding in intense weather.

On that note, it can withstand a temperature range of -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. And you can apply it when the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  Its bond can resist drying, peeling, and cracking. So, you can completely rely on it.

This tape utilizes butyl adhesive. It has an exceptionally resistant weather shell. That shell increases the strength of the bond even further. The tape can even resist extreme heat, cold, and moisture levels. In other words, the bond will not give up on you that easily.

  • Can resist extreme weather conditions
  • Resistant to cracking, peeling, and drying
  • Withstands high temperature
  • Stays intact in high moisture levels
  • It has an exterior protective shell
  • Not suitable for wet surfaces
  • It leaves a sticky residue

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It can withstand extreme temperatures exceptionally well. The tape can also resist cracking, peeling, and drying. Also, the bond will remain intact in the temperature range of -40 degrees to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Gorilla 3044401– Budget Friendly

Want to make the tubeless mod but do not want to break your wallet while doing so? Well, we found the perfect gorilla tape for you!

First of all, it comes in a convenient form factor. The compact nature of the packaging and the roll will allow you to carry it around easily. That means even if your bike tires require an on-the-go repair, you will be capable of doing it without any issues.

Although it is highly portable, it offers a powerful grip. It has two times thick adhesive and grasps exceptionally well on rough and uneven surfaces. Applying it on unforgiving surfaces will not be an issue either. For that reason, making it stick on the rim of the tire for the tubeless mod will not be an issue.

There is a reinforced backing, which increases the bonding strength of the tape. It also has a tight weave that will contribute to the stress exerted by the surface. Also, the material can resist extreme temperatures, UV rays, and moisture. It will not even lose its bonding power when it is in harsh weather conditions.

  • Gorilla 3044401 comes with a portable form factor
  • Provides a powerful grip
  • Easy to apply
  • Has reinforced backing
  • Can resist high temperatures
  • Not that resistant to leaks
  • It does not come in a high quantity

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

If you are on a tight budget but want to get all of the benefits that Gorilla has to offer, this is a perfect pick! It can also resist extreme weather conditions. The bond will not even get weak when the temperature is exceptionally high.

FAQs On Gorilla Tape Fat Bike Tubeless

  • Is it worth the cost?

Yes, opting for a tubeless mod with gorilla tape will be totally worth the cost. And you do not have to spend that much on getting a gorilla tape either.

  • Is Gorilla Tape Fat Bike Tubeless safe?

If you can carry out the modding process correctly, it will be completely safe. There will be lower chances of flats occurring, and the tires will be reasonably puncture-proof too.

  • Can you use Gorilla tape as rim tape?

Yes, Gorilla tape can be opted for as rim tape. Its adhesion power makes it exceptionally versatile. And it has more layers, is stretchy, and is highly flexible.

  • How do I tape my rims with Gorilla tape?

You need to take the tires and tubes off first. Then, apply the tape and apply gentle pressure to it.

  • Is Gorilla tape good for tubeless?

The adhesion power of Gorilla tape makes it a perfect option for the tubeless mod. Its bonding strength will ensure that the bead stays in place, the tires do not move too much, and the sealant works appropriately.

  • Which is better, duct tape or Gorilla tape?

Considering how strong a bond Gorilla tape can offer, we recommend using them over the duct tape. However, if you cannot get a Gorilla tape, get a duct tape that has a high adhesion power.

Final Words: Gorilla Tape Fat Bike Tubeless

If you are planning to do the gorilla tape fat bike tubeless mod, make sure that you follow the steps properly. Also, we would recommend using Gorilla tape over the others because it offers a good overall bonding strength.

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