How To Clean A Smelly Bike Helmet

You are also troubled by the smell of your helmet. You want to maintain your helmet correctly. Then be sure, I am going to provide you some easy processes to clean your bike helmet.

A clean helmet will make you feel fresh; you will feel more energetic. You can ride the bike properly.

Helmets are essential while riding a bike. It protects your head. God forbids if you have an accident, a helmet may save your life. You have also seen many examples in your life. A helmet is as essential as a bike.

Using helmets regularly makes it unclean. All your sweat and dirt from the road absorbs under it. Many times, you can smell it. If you do not clean it in a month or two, it may make your shirts smell too.

But you can avoid all these problems. You only have to do one thing is to clean it regularly. Having the habit of cleaning it saves you from many problems later. You do not need to work hard to clean it. So be assured, you can easily do it all by yourself. It may take 30-40 min maximum.

So here we are going to see how to clean smells properly.

How To Remove The Smell From Bike Helmet

You should follow these steps to check your bike. It will help you to clean it:-

Remove padsPads of bike helmets are removable. It is the pads of the bike, which often smell the most. So it is advisable to clean it properly. If you can remove it from the helmet, it will be easier to clean.

If the pads of your bike are not removable, do not worry. You can still clean it.

Check the visor

The visor of the helmet is very important. You should properly maintain it. Any scratch on it can reduce the visibility, specifically if you are riding in the dark or having too much light on it. This can lead to you some unwanted situations.

For me, it is an essential part of a bike helmet while driving. It is better to clean it properly. If you see any scratches on it, It is better to change it as soon as possible.

You can visit any local bike accessory shop nearby to get the type of visor you want. You can even change it by yourself too. Just buy a visor that fits your bike helmet.

Check the strips of the bike

Now your visor is ready. How about getting a check on strips too. Bike strips help to maintain the helmet on the head. You should also check it. Strips of the bike are often made to last very long.

So it often does not get any damages. But if you see any cut on it. Change it quickly. You do not want your helmet to lose its balance while riding. It is better to check it quickly.

It will keep you safe from many situations.

Strips and visors are essential parts of the helmet. Having the proper management will make you have safe rides on the bike.

Make foam with water.

Now strips and visor are checked. It is time to clean the smell. Make a foam with water. You can use shampoo or any other detergents to make foam.

Put your pads in the foam and wash them. Use your hands to remove its dust.

After pads:

  1. Put the rest of your helmet on the foam bucket.
  2. Use your hands again to wash them properly.
  3. Make sure you have covered every part of the helmet.

Now wash them with clean water. It is advisable to wash them clean. You also do not want to smell the detergents on your helmet.

After washing it twice with water, your helmet will be neat and clean.

Dry it

After washing, let it dry in the sunlight. After 1-2 hours, your bike helmet will be ready to use.

You can see all the smells are gone. Now you can use your helmet. A clean helmet will give you freshness. You can easily ride the bike without worrying about any smells.

Wash exterior part of bike helmet regularly

You should wash your bike helmet at least once in two months. It will make your bike helmet look neat and clean.


The helmet is the first thing you want to have while riding the bike. It is like a guard who is vowed to protect you from danger. Maintaining it will help you to make your helmet last longer.

Maintaining is an easy task. You only have to make a habit of it. It does not require any hard work. You have to do is to clean it. Then it will be able to serve you again.

I hope you have enjoyed the procedure—all the best for cleaning your bike helmet.

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