How To Paint A Bike Helmet

Today we will talk about how to paint a bike helmet at home with only 4 steps. We hope you are now tension-free cause you are In the right place to get an Idea of painting your bike helmet.

You are looking to paint your bike helmet and give it a new look. Then be assured, you are on the right page. A helmet is a necessary part of your bike riding. It keeps you safe while riding. So, we should properly maintain it.

Painting your helmet will give you a new look. Your helmet will look unique. If you love to paint, your helmet may be the right thing to show your skills. Painting your helmet will give a good look, and painting is good for its maintenance too.

Painting the bike helmet is very easy. We will see each step you may want to follow to paint the helmet. It will be easy as well as it will be safe too. Here are some of the things we should know first.

Is painting a helmet is safe

There are a lot of questions on this topic. It is necessary to get the correct information. So, we will see if the painting on the helmet is good or not.

There is a polycarbonate shell available on the interior side of your helmet. It helps you to keep safe from accidents. But some paint solvent makes this shell weak. You may not be able to detect the weakness. But having damages on this shell can lead you to some serious injuries.

Yes, some paints damage it but not every. So as long as you use the right paint, it is safe to paint your bike helmet.

How To Find The Right Paints

You should find suitable paints to use. Water-based acrylic paints are safe to use on a bike helmet. You would also like to go to the bike accessories shop. You can ask for the paints there.

Spray paints mainly contain solutions that affect the polycarbonate shell. If you are using spray paints, double-check it.

You can even check the bike helmet you are using. You can see the company logo on the bike. You can search which paints they use.

Or you would like to ask some manufacturers about the paints you need. So Please check the paint properly before using it on a bike helmet.

Try not to use the paint you are not sure of the solutions.  A little research would help you a lot in the future.

How To Paint The Bike Helmet

You would want to follow these steps to paint your bike helmet properly:-

  1. Wash the helmet

Before applying paint on it, wash your helmet. It is advisable to use soap to clean it properly. Using soap will remove its dirt and grease.

If you have detergents or shampoo, you can use them too. This process is here to remove all the dirt from the helmet. Having dirt on it will affect the paint.

  1. Clean it with a towel

After washing it, let it dry. After that, use a clean towel/ piece of cloth to clean it. It would be helpful for the painting.

After cleaning it with a towel, you are ready to go for the next procedure.

  1. Apply the paint

It is time to apply your paints to the helmet.  Now you can give your helmet the color you want. You can give it a look you like.

Show your skills on your guard of bike riding. White helmets are perfect for showing your creativity. But you can paint bike helmets of any color.

  1. Dry it

After applying the color, let your bike helmet dry. Try to dry it in the room. It is advisable not to dry it in sunlight.

Sunlight affects the paints. So try to avoid it. It will take 1-2 hours to dry completely. Now your bike helmet is ready to serve you again. But this time, it has your favorite color.


A bike is like your security guard while riding the bike. It keeps you safe. So, we should take its proper maintenance to last long. By painting, we can make it look new. It will look unique too.

So, it is good to know how to paint a bike helmet. Maintaining your things well is a hobby. Once you become habitual, it becomes easy to do so.

All the best. I am sure you will give your bike a decent look. Thank you. I hope this information will be helpful for you.

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