How To Pick A Bicycle Lock? Knows About The Secure One!

Owning a bike means you have to take of it properly, including having the proper security in place. For this, you will have to invest in a bike lock. Each person has a reason for riding a bike and by owning one, you also need the proper maintenance for it.

There are many bicycle locks out there and each is also suitable for different types of bike designs. It’s a bit hard to get the right one. It’s good to know how to pick a bicycle lock that is right for your bike. There are several factors that determine the right lock for your bike and where you can secure your bike with it.

What Is A bicycle lock?

A bicycle lock is a security device made and used to help avoid bicycle theft. The locks are designed in different ways to suit different locking abilities. You can either lock one of the wheels to a pole or provided area or fasten it to a fixed object.

7 Types of Bike Locks 

When it comes to the bicycle locks on the market, there are lots of them. Each of these locks comes with unique features that are distinct from others. Check out the best locks on the market and see which one suits your needs.

  1. D-Lock

The D- lock is one of the best locks for bikes on the market. It’s also known as a U-lock, which it is commonly called. The locks have been around for many years since the 1970s and are giant padlocks. They may be giant, but they vary in size, weight, and also strength. You only need to decide which design and size of the padlock are suitable for your needs.

  • The design is proven
  • It’s resistant to pricking and drilling
  • It’s resistant to bolt cutters
  • It’s lighter than chains
  • The quality is good and it is quite cheap
  • D-Lock comes with a bracket for frame mounting

  • D-Lock Is heavy and challenging to carry around
  1. Chain Lock

Chain Lock

The chain lock is designed from hardened metal links. The metal links create the chain, which is locked with a padlock. When you go for the chain, you will note that the chains vary in size, weight, and strength. Since the chain varies in size and weight, you have to know which one you need. This is also because the more secure the chain is, the heavier and less portable it is. The links on the chain are covered with a plastic sleeve to protect the chain and the bike from scratches.

  • It’s a visual deterrent
  • Chain Lock can be used to secure the bike in different variety of objects
  • Size is flexible
  • The chains are movable and awkward for a thief to cut through
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Most have a probability of being cut with bolt croppers
  • The lock can be cut when its loosely fitted
  1. Cable Lock

The cable locks are amazing and made lightweight, so they can be transported easily with you. The flexibility of the cable lock is impressive, just like the chain lock when it comes to securing the bike. They can be secured to different objects easily. There are also combo locks available on the market. The locks are still the cable locks which can be unlocked with a combination and not a key.

  • It’s lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Easy to lock with a combination
  • Secure
  • Has a basic deterrent in low-risk areas
  • It can be an extra lock to help protect the bike’s parts
  • The lock should not be the primary lock
  • It’s not good for medium or high-risk areas
  • It can be cut in seconds
  1. Folding lock

A folding lock actually folds, as the name suggests. They can be folded and have a compact design, which makes them easy to fold and lock. The folding lock comes with a bracket for the bike frame and makes it easy to transport with you.

  • The folding lock is easy to carry
  • Easily used to secure different objects
  • It’s lighter than chain and D-locks
  • Folding lock Is available in a solid secure rating in silver and gold
  • It has not been on the market long
  1. Ground Anchor

The ground anchor lock is drilled into concrete to hold the bike in place. The anchor could be in a shed drilled into the concrete ground or in other places to give a secure anchor point. This is mainly designed to be placed at home to avoid theft. It’s reported that a huge percent of theft is done at homes in some areas. There is also a wall anchor available for home security.

  • Ground Anchor Is rated as one of the best and comes standards in gold, silver, and bronze
  • It’s effective for home use
  • Meant for a permanent location at home
  • It needs you to have the skill to install it on your own to fit the ground
  • Ground Anchor needs you to have an ideal location
  1. Tubular Lock

A tubular lock or radial lock is also known as a circle pin tumbler lock. The brand has been around for several years since 1933 and was designed by a Chicago lock company. It works by arranging numbers in a circular pattern and has a corresponding key which is tubular or cylindrical. It’s easy to use, but can’t be unlocked without the key. It has a ring-shaped hole, and in the middle, there is a solid metal cylinder

  • The lock is lightweight
  • Medium duty lock
  • Tubular Lock has a smaller rose and comes with decorative levers
  • They are limited
  1. Combination Bike Lock

The combination, as the name itself suggest, means a lock that comes with several dials of numbers. You turn the numbers around to make a combined code that opens the mechanism. They are popular because with them you don’t need a key to take care of it. This is true as long as you remember the code you set. It’s a good one if you want a quick way to lock and unlock your bikes.

  • Easy to set
  • Combination Bike Lock does not need a key
  • A limited number of combinations

How To Choose the Right Bike Lock In 5 ways 

Before you go for any lock for your bike, you have to look at some factors to enable you to choose the right one. This is;

  1. Good brands

Looking for the best bike lock requires you to think further into the different ones and their make. It’s not that challenging to figure out which one you prefer based on the preferences you have in mind. One of the factors you have to consider before making your decision is the brand of the bike lock.

The brand speaks a lot when it comes to products. People who have used the different products from the same brand have an opinion that says whether the product is good or not. When a different product is good from the same brand, then that brand is determined to be a quality brand with amazing products. That’s why you have to look at the different brands in lock production and see which one comes with a quality performance reputation.

  1. Avoid a cheap lock

Are you looking for a lock that can secure your bike firmly with difficulty to the cult with any tool? Then you have to consider the price. Avoid a cheap lock for secure performance. Most of the quality and secure locks tend to be a bit pricey. Yes, they are still affordable but are better when compared to the low-priced ones. Most of the cheap locks are not meant for high-risk areas, and therefore, you are at risk of losing your bike. Be careful where you park your bike if you are not sure of the best lock to use for the area.

  1. Solid Secure rating

Having a solid secure rating of the lock is very important when it comes to the decision on which you get for your use. The best lock with the highest security comes with a more solid secure rating. The solid secure rating is there to reduce the risk of your bike being stolen throughout. It accesses the security product and rates them on the grade of security they hold. When the product is accessed, then it can therefore bear the solid secure quality mark on it. When the lock is rated gold, silver, and bronze, it’s a good one to have. If it is marked only silver and bronze, then it is fairly good, and so on.

  1. Portable/carriable lock

The portability of a lock matters a lot, especially when riding out of the home. You may want to buy something at the shop but have no way of carrying the lock with you. Getting a padlock that can be carried around is the best choice for those moving around frequently. The lock should be made lightweight from the start and also be of the right size to make it more portable.

  1. Read buyers’ reviews

It’s good to look at some of the reviews done by people who have used the locks. They have experienced the best, and the worst of the products and are in a better position to give their opinion. It will help you make your next decision on the type of lock you will go for.

Conclusions: How To Pick A Bicycle Lock

As seen in the above discussion, a lock is very important for bikers. Bike security is important to avoid theft when it’s least expected. Theft is there, and it happens in different places on the streets, the road, homes, and more.

Here you have learned how to pick a bicycle lock for your bike and the best way to lock it. You can now determine the type of bike lock suitable for your bike and so on. With all this information, you don’t have to worry about being green in this field.

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