How To Put Pegs on A Bike?

How To Put Pegs on A Bike
How To Put Pegs on A Bike

You want to show your bike skills using pegs. You want to look cool. Want to get famous among your friends. Here, I will show you how to put pegs on a bike.

Showing stunts on the bike is very famous. You can become famous around you. It is very cool. Biking skills like grinding and running only on one tire are popular. These skills take time to learn. Once you have learned all the skills, You only need to get a bike. Put pegs on it. And it’s time to show your skills to get famous.

Performing bike stunts is a hobby, which helps you in many ways. You can get attention around you. Helps If you are a student, you may become the talking point of your school. It is a very remarkable hobby to have. You feel very lively and energetic.

You have mastered the skills. But you still require one thing a bike. You want to have a good bike. But the bike will be as good as the pegs if you put the pegs right. You can use your bikes with ease. But if it is not fixed right. Then you may have to face some problems.

Putting pegs on the bike is very easy. You can easily do it by yourself. You will require some tools. You can put pegs on home with ease. 

Don’t worry. We are going to see the proper steps to put pegs. So you can enjoy your bike rides.

What Are Pegs

Bike pegs are little cylinders; They stick out from the wheel axle. You can put it on the front as well as on the back or both sides too. We generally use it for stunts.

You can enjoy numerous advantages of it. Putting pegs increase the stability of the bike. It helps you to stay stable while performing. By placing feet on pegs, you center your weight on the bike wheels. It gives you a stable platform to have more control over the bike.

 Bike pegs are usually made of metal. But nowadays, there are fiber pegs also available in the market. But fiber pegs sometimes get banded while performing grinding.

So I will recommend you to use metal pegs. They give you a stable platform. If properly fixed, they do not bend. Most of the bike performers use these pegs.

How to put pegs on a bike with quick release

Here we are going to find out how to put pegs. We are also going to know how to release it quickly. These are the step you should follow:-

tools to put pegs on the bike. We will require some tools. But don’t worry, you will get most of the tools at home. So you don’t have to buy any. You will need the following things for the procedure:-

  • Wrench
  • Pegs
  • Washers
  • A deep well socket

After having all the things, you are ready to go for the next steps. These are everyday things to maintain bikes. So if you don’t have any, do not hesitate to buy one. These things will always be helpful.

Your Bike

You should have an ideal bike to install pegs. Not all types of bikes are perfect. Pegs are mainly used on BMX bikes. You can use it for sports and mountain bikes. But it is not advisable to use it on regular cycles.

Bikes having proper wheel support for pegs can be used. If your cycle also has peg support. You can use pegs too. But most of the regular bikes don’t have any.

So it is advisable not to use pegs on regular bikes. There are many methods available to use pegs. But putting it damages the bike as it does not have any proper support. The worst thing that happens is to have an accident while riding it.

So it is better to have a bike with proper support. Most BMX bikes are used to put pegs. 

 They are primarily used for stunts. They have long axles on their wheel, which makes them ideal to use pegs. 

Your Pegs

Pegs are also as crucial as bikes. Using suitable pegs is essential. There are most types of pegs available in the market—longer, shorter, fatter, or skinner. You should pick according to your preference.

Metal pegs are good to use as they are thick and robust. You can quickly put your weight, perform grinding on it too. It does not bend. It does not get any damages.

There are also many types of metal pegs available Iron, aluminum, or stainless steel. All of them are good to use. Chose the one that works well for you.

Before buying the pegs, you need to check something. See whether it fits on your bike or not. There are some pegs available. Where you only have to tighten it. But many pegs require you to fit it with nuts and washers.

Size of The Pegs

Before buying pegs, check the size of the axle of your bikes. Not all types of pegs fit right for you. So chose the right one. There are 12mm, 14mm, and 3/8 inch pegs available. 

See first which type of pegs you need. After that, you are free to buy the one you need. Having suitable pegs is essential. It will give proper support. You can easily show your skills with ease.

So first, check for suitable pegs.

Remove Nuts and Washer From Your Bike

After covering all the processes, it is time for the action. You have the right bike and pegs.

You only have to do is to fit it properly. You can fit pegs anywhere you want, whether it is your home or outside.

To put pegs on the bike. You have to remove the nuts on the wheel axle. Remove the nuts, where all spikes meet. You should remove the washer too.

After removing the nuts, you can see the long axle. You may use a wrench to release it. Using it will help you to remove it quickly.

You do not need to use washers and the axle. So remove it too. Now we are ready for the next step.

Put Pegs on The Bike

You have removed the nut and washer. Now it is time to put pegs. Put the peg on the wheel axle. Now use the wrench with the deep well socket.

Add a washer to the axle; use a wrench to put a nut on the axle. Tighten it with the wrench. Use your hands to tighten it correctly. But do not tighten it very much as it can damage the wheel axle. Tighten it as it fits properly.

To check it properly you can do several things. Shake the pegs. If the bike also shakes alongside pegs. It is appropriately fixed.

Or if your bike is not heavy. You can try to lift it with the peg if you have your methods. You can do that too. This method works well for me.

After Using these procedures, you can use pegs on the front as well as the back. It is easy to put pegs. You can do it within 1 hour.

So all the best for your work, mate 

How To Release It Quickly

Now you have puts pegs. You want something else too. What! You want to remove it. You want to remove it quickly. Ok, let’s see how we do that.

Removing pegs will be easier. You already have all the tools you require.

Use the wrench with a deep well socket to remove the nut. Remove the washer too. Now, your peg is ready to be released.

Remove the pegs. Put the washer and nut on the axle. Tighten it with the help of the tools like a wrench.

Now all the pegs are gone. Your bike will look the same as it was before.

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

  • Can I put pegs on any bikes?

Yes, you can put pegs on any bike. But putting pegs on regular bikes damages it. Plus, it does not give you a stable platform. Your pegs may get banded while riding. So it is not advisable to use pegs on any bikes.

There are many bikes available with peg support. They have long wheel axles for pegs. They are ideal to use pegs. 

  • How do you use bike pegs?

Pegs can be used for multiple purposes. It is mainly used to perform stunts. But you can use it to get extra support for the passenger. It is used primarily by stunt performers. 

  • How do you tighten bike pegs?

You can tighten it with a wrench. You will require a wrench with a deep well socket. You can quickly tighten the pegs with it.

  • How do you put pegs on a dirt bike?

To put the pegs on a dirt bike, you have to remove the cover there and put a peg foot for stability. Then put the peg on the place. Use a pin to set the peg on the spot. You can use a hammer to put the pin right.


As you have seen, it is easy to put pegs on the bike. You can easily do it by yourself. You do not have to work very hard. Using a wrench will help you to ease. 

You do not need to work 4-5 hours. It will be done within 1 hour. So, you will have to do your favorite things. Your bike Will be ready to show your skills.

Now, it is time to go and show your skills. Having stunts on the bike will make you famous. It will give you much attention. Don’t get surprised if you become the talk of your college. 

You will look fantastic. You will become more attractive. You only need to know how to put pegs on a bike. 

Having biking skills is very good to have. It is an adventure. So all the best for your work.

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