Infinity Bikes Costco: A Quick Look Into Costco Infinity Bike In 2022

Infinity Bike Costco
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The Costco Infinity bikes could be a great choice when you want to get a go-to bike for yourself within an affordable limit. For a mix between a mountain bike and a road bike, nothing beats Infinity Hybrids. These bikes are faster than mountain bikes and more comfortable than road ones.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know before you buy an Infinity bike from Costco. Additionally, there will also be a brief Infinity bike review for the ones which come unassembled.

To help you with the assembly, we’ll also discuss how to assemble the bike yourself as well.

Who Makes Infinity Costco Bikes?

Costco Infinity bikes are made by Giant, the largest bicycle designer in the world. This Taiwanese bicycle manufacturing company was founded in the year 1972 to create bikes that deliver cutting-edge performance for every rider.

The ability to create top-quality bikes at an affordable price sets Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. apart from the rest of its competitors. With years of experience and expertise, they are continuously creating better bikes to improve the cycling experience.

How Do You Size an Costco Infinity Bicycle?

To size a Costco men’s bike, you need to measure the inner side of your leg or inseam size. This size is taken to know whether the stand-over height of the bike is adequate, which is the distance between the top tube and the ground.

Now, know that adult bikes are measured by their frame sizes, and most mountain or hybrid bikes like Infinity are measured using inches. To find out your needed Infinity bicycle size, follow the chart below:

Inseam/ Leg length (inches) Infinity Hybrid/Mountain Bike (inches)
24 – 27 14.5
26 – 30 17
28 – 31 18
30 – 33 19.5
31 – 34 20.5
32 – 35 21 – 22
34 – 37 23 – 23.5

How Long Does It Take to Put a Bike Together?

When you have all the parts available and the instruction manual, it might take around an hour to 1.5 hours to assemble the bike. However, those with experience and who have done it before will probably need no more than 45 minutes.

How Much Does Costco Infinity Bike Assembly Cost?

It is generally known that buying an already built bike costs less than building one yourself. If you’re buying Infinity bike Costco, they will provide assembly service if you want.

When you assemble the bike from Costco, it will cost you some bucks. Basic bike assembly could cost you up to $60.

How To Assemble A Bike From The Box?

The following step-by-step instruction on how to assemble a bike from the box will be helpful for you if you want to DIY the assembling of the bike.

  1. Required Materials

First, you need to keep the required materials ready for your need. Usually, they include Allen or Hex keys, torque wrench, pump, pedal wrench, bike grease.

  1. Unbox the Bike

Then keeping the box upright, you need to unbox it. Carefully lift all the parts and pull out any smaller loose items. You better save the packaging for future needs.

  1. Inspect the Bike

You’ll notice the front wheel and handlebars have been removed for shipping convenience. These need to be reattached. Check the box for any manual or paperwork to keep them safe.

  1. Install the Front Wheel

As we mentioned earlier, most bikes come with the back wheel already installed. You’ll need to install the front wheel by removing the front axle first and placing the wheel inside the fort. Then tighten after reinserting the axle.

  1. Install the Handlebars

To install the handlebars, you need to remove the stem faceplate and detangle the cables if necessary. You need to be careful about that.

Unpack the handlebar, position it in the stem’s center, and place the faceplate back. Tighten that with appropriate torque but don’t overtighten it.

  1. Install the Seat Post and Saddle

Using the bolts at the seat tube collar, you need to adjust the seat post at the desired height so that your seat is securely in place. If it is not inserted deeply enough, it can be damaged while riding the bike.

Once you’ve secured the post, you can adjust the saddle position, so it is centered over the post.

  1. Reattach the Front Brake Or Cable

While installing the front, be sure to insert with brake roto on the left side and align it with a caliper. Check the brakes by squeezing the lever and making sure that the brake pads contact the rim without interference. It shouldn’t feel spongy either.

  1. Install the Pedals

Most of the time, bikes are supplied with cheap pedals. That’s why most riders buy their own. Nonetheless, you need to grease the threads of those pedals and install them using an Allen key or pedal spanner.

  1. Inflation

Inflation of the tire needs to be done by checking pressure against the recommended range. This range is indicated on the tire sidewall.

  1. Now Time to Test Ride

Don’t start pedaling away just yet. You need to do a couple of test runs to check if everything is okay.

Experts Note

It is always good to grease all the threads like crank and chainring bolts to help them repel water or dirt – it also stops them from seizing up.

And while installing the handlebar by tightening the faceplate, keep in mind that some of those stems require that you tighten the top bolts first.


Infinity Boss Three ST 24 Speed 700c Unisex Hybrid Bicycle

Costco has been selling Infinity Boss Three Hybrid bikes for several years. It is a premium aluminum-made hybrid bike with a good build quality which is impressive for the price point.

Since a hybrid bike means it is a little bit of both a Mountain and Road bike, you can use it comfortably for either of them.

Although the bicycle comes with no crazy pretense of being the perfect mountain bike or the fastest road bike, still, it fares quite well for the low price. For simple neighborhood rides, it could be your go-to vehicle.

This Infinity boss 3 bikes is also equipped with disc brakes which makes stopping quick and precise. Moreover, the 700c wheels ensure you the smoothest and most stable ride.

Besides, the shifting of the brakes is also super smooth, with almost no adjustment needed.

The Infinity boss three bike Costco has one of the worthiest features: the 24-speed shifters with Shimano Tourney TY-700. It allows you to change between different speeds effortlessly and smoothly.

Another good thing about the bike is that it has a rigid fork rather than pretend suspension, which does nothing else but cost more bucks.

Its assembly is also straightforward. If you are a casual DIYer, assembling the bike yourself at home won’t take you more than an hour at max.

  • Hybrid bike for both mountain and road terrain
  • Shimano Tourney TY-700 provides smooth shifting
  • A comfortable ride with 700c wheels
  • Notably simple to assemble the parts
  • Allows you to stop faster
  • The aluminum frame isn’t the most durable

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

  1. Are Costco Northrock bikes any good?

Northrock bikes ensure that you get the most for your money. These mountain bikes are great for any terrain with solid build quality tektro mechanical disc brakes.

  1. Does Costco sell Northrock bikes?

Northrock bikes are available in both Costo and Walmart.

  1. Is Infinity a good bike brand?

Infinity bikes are some of the best ones you can get in the market. Its manufacturer Giant produces the highest quality bikes at a very affordable price.

  1. Are Infinity bikes made by Giant?

All Infinity bikes are made by Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

  1. Will Amazon, and Walmart assemble bikes bought online?

Both Walmart and Amazon provide bike assembly services to their clients. When you buy an unassembled bike from Walmart, you’d need to take it to someone there who reassemble it correctly.

As for Amazon, they offer mobile bike assembly shops. When you receive the bike by ordering online, you can hire a professional bike mechanic from Amazon who’ll come to your home and assemble the bike for you.

  1. Are bikes hard to assemble?

Bikes are not hard to assemble at all. If you’re enthusiastic enough, with simple guidelines, you can assemble a bike at home by yourself within almost an hour.

  1. Does Amazon, Walmart offer free bike assembly?

Although Walmart advertises free, in-store bicycle assembly across most of its stores, Amazon has mobile bike mechanic shops.


With fuel prices reaching a record high, bicycles are making themselves more attractive to people who need to commute shorter distances. In addition to saving fuel, biking makes you healthier as well.

With Costco Infinity Bike, you can avail of these benefits within a very affordable price range. If you’re a casual DIYer, you can also enjoy assembling the bike.

Happy riding!

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