Public Balance Bike Review Of 2022

Public Balance Bike Review

As a parent, you will be glad to see that the push bike market for children is growing. Also known as balance bikes, push bikes create more buzz around training children how to ride.

However, with more options and brands readily available, it can be difficult to decide which one to buy for your little one. If you are a parent in search of the first bike for your kid, you need to be extra careful with your choice. Public Bikes Kids Mini Balance Bike Yellow is one of the best balance bike options, created to make riding more enjoyable, hands-on, and chic.

Public Balance Bike Review of 2022

Features Of PUBLIC Bikes Kids Mini Balance Bike Yellow

Kids Mini Balance Bike by PUBLIC Bikes is one such bike that exemplifies high quality. It appears with a host of features, which include a diamond frame type, kid-friendly design, and brilliant yellow color.

The PUBLIC Mini V Kids Balance Bike is very easy to build, and the small details such as the bell, grips, and racing stripes are pleasing to the eye. Besides, there is a mini comfort saddle, with an adjustable height. Without a doubt, it will help your child learn fast how biking works. By training them well in advance, they will not have a difficult time adjusting to pedal bikes.

Great Wheels

The tires exhibit that classic look. They are inflated amply enough to simulate the feel of tires used on pedal bikes. Though small, there are pumps that can fit well between the spokes of the wheels.

Quality Brakes

With that said, the Kids Mini V Balance Bike Yellow is what old-time bikers would certainly label as a real bike with amazing safety features including quality brakes and easy grip handlebars. The brake system and handlebars, whose color and design match the bike’s body, can be easily adjusted as well.

Comfortable Suspension

Equally significant is the fact that this Mini V Balance bike can grow with your little one. The soft suspension system helps ensure that your kid will not feel any discomfort even if they choose to ride their bike for hours.

Training Wheels

One of the highlights of the Kids Mini V Balance Bike by PUBLIC Bikes is that, unlike most starter bikes out there which rely on training wheels, this one encourages improving your child’s balancing skills through pushing. This is crucial as balancing the bicycle and themselves using only their feet is one of the initial, necessary steps that a child needs to take to learn how to balance on an actual bike.

Best PUBLIC Bikes Kids Mini Balance Bike
Best PUBLIC Bikes Kids Mini Balance Bike

Gifts For Children

This is one balance bike worthy of being referred to as the quintessential kid’s bike and the perfect gift for your little one. This is primarily due to its kid-friendly design, brilliant colors, and the fascinating classic bike looks that it

sports. This little balance bike is closer to a large 12-inch or small 16-inch bike and designed for 3+ year-olds. However, this will not be the bike you give a kid that recently learned to walk. The Mini V Balance bike comes in the cutest little mini bike box. It is carefully wrapped with bubble wrap and cardboard. If your kid fits in the size range of this balance bike, give it a hard look just in time for a perfect holiday gift!

PUBLIC Bikes Kids Mini Balance Bike Yellow Specs

  • Maximum seat height: 21.75″
  • Minimum seat height: 16.25″
  • Starting age: 3-year-olds and up
  • A sloping diamond frame
  • Pneumatic (Inflatable) tires
  • 25.4 stem which allows you to install other cut-down handlebars


  • Built and designed with functionality in mind
  • Easy to assemble
  • Naturally teaches your child how to ride a bike
  • Very durable – it can last until your kid levels up to pedal bikes


  • Somewhat expensive compared to similar balance bikes from other brands

Final Verdict

With the features, specifications, pros, and cons of the Kids Mini V Balance Bike Yellow by PUBLIC Bikes highlighted above; this balance bike is surely an excellent choice for parents who desire that their little ones have a smooth transition to standard-sized pedal bicycles.

This bike is the overall design and makes practically ensures that. Its design also brings out the cuteness of your kid while riding a bike. If you want your little ones to be properly introduced to biking, then this is the one bike that has to be at the top of your consideration list. Besides, secure online ordering and the money-back guarantee by PUBLIC Bike is something worth looking at in case you are on the fence with the whole balance bike idea.

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