Ridgeback MX14 Aluminum 14″ Kids Bike In Gloss Red Review For 2021

Ridgeback MX-14 Aluminum 14″ Children’s Bicycle in Gloss Red A tremendous and fit bike can lead children to a great form of exercising, endless fun, and several means of transport that are both safe and quick to build personal independence for kids.

Ridgeback MX14 In-Depth Review For 2021


Ridgeback MX-14 Aluminum 14” Children’s Bicycle in Gloss Red is among the hottest models of kid’s bikes in the current market with an affordable price to purchase. It is light in weight, simple to balance and brings a lot of fun to the riders; it is the perfect bike for any young shredder who wants to learn the basic knowledge about riding bicycles in safety mode and how to increase personal confidence in and off the trails.

Great Wheels

From the Scoot beginner bikes to the bikes with 24-inch wheels, every bike is designed with high-quality specifications, great and strong wheels, as well as a light aluminum frame, offering the exceptional durability that allows them to be passed on to another child (2 times used). Every Ridgeback MX-14 Aluminum 14″ Children’s Bicycle in Gloss Red meets the relevant safety standards of the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Quality Brakes

It is proportioned perfectly to offer “small riders” the best fit for control and comfort, a Ridgeback bike for kids makes it easily adjustable so that children could be able to keep pace with any growing kid. The handlebar stem is designed with high quality and super-safe brakes, allowing children to adjust with ease and are always in safety mode as the children grow. Meanwhile, a real soft and saddle grips with a high quality offer the comfort needed when children learn to cycle.

Comfortable Suspension

Focusing on small drivers aged between four and six, this is an excellent choice for such a well-proportioned bike. Many prestigious testers discovered that different from many other types of kid’s bike, the brakes are very reliable and easy to reach for even any small hand and the suspension system also brings another high point to the producer.

Training Wheels

Like any other type of bike for kids, MX14 from Ridgeback is an excellent bike that has solid, safe training wheels. The weight without training wheels of the bike is just 17.2 lbs — very light yet still durable and can be passed to the second small user.

Gifts For Children

When the children want to master how to balance a bike with ease; as cornering on two wheels is second nature, then it is time for parents to give children a new bike. Ridgeback MX14 is the perfect choice for children at the age of four to six with excellent skills.
Here is the perfect gift that parents can give their children for any occasion. It is designed ideally for any child at the permitted ages to use with ease.

Specifications Of Ridgeback MX14 Aluminum 14″  In Gloss Red

  • Weight: 17.2 LB
  • Pedals: Nylon BMX
  • Freewheel: 16T single (No coaster brake)
  • Chain: Z410 1/8″
  • Bottom Bracket: English threaded
  • Chainset: 28T 102mm
  • Seatpost: Steel 27.2mm (industry standard)
  • Saddle: Junior Comfort with adjustable tilt and carry handle
  • Grips: Soft PVC Mushroom
  • Stem: Easy Reach
  • Handlebar: Riser 450mm
  •  Brake Levers: Composite with reach adjusts
  • Wheel Size: 14 inches
  • Color: Gloss Red
  • Net weight (without training wheels): 17.2 lbs
  • Wheelbase axle center to center: 25.”
  • Handlebar length range: 24 1/2″ – 26″
  • Handlebar width: 18″
  • Top tube standover height: 16.”
  • Seat height range: 18″ – 21″ (could be extended with optional xl seat post)


  • Front and rear high-quality hand brakes
  • BMX style pneumatic all-surface tires
  • Alloy 20 spoke wheels and 6061 Aluminum frameset

Fully safe with concealed sprockets and chain super light and comfortable to ride For 6 — 9 and 8— 11-year-olds. Who hate suspension, Serenity, Cherry, RX24, and RX20 are ideal models Provide unbeatable value for money and long-term reliability, the robust yet very light frame makes it simple for children to handle and lift the bikes. A Ridgeback MX-14 Aluminum 14″ Children’s Bicycle in Gloss Red is engineered to be built to last and take the knocks Real bikes, not toys 9. Cons


  • The sale price is different between the resellers
  • The product is often in the “sold out” mode so that it is sometimes difficult to own one

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

Does the Ridgeback MX14 come with Stabilisers?

Yes. MX14 ridgeback comes with removable stabilizers for kids when learning to ride. It’s suitable for those that are looking for extra support. It’s made to meet children’s demands and gain the support they need while riding around the compound and home. Many people choose the ridgeback for kid’s bike from the performance it shows from the people who have used it.

Are Ridgeback kid’s bikes good?

Yes. The ridgeback bikes have been designed for kids and are one of the best in the market for kids. If you are looking for a made or suitable bike for kids, the ridgeback brand is one of the best to have at home. It’s made with kids safety at hand.

Is the Ridgeback MX14 bike the best for a 3-year-old?

The Ridgeback MX14 bike is made for kids up to 5 years. It’s all up to you to look for a bike that is suitable for your kids. It’s designed for kids between 100cm and 150 cm tall. It’s a beautiful hard-wearing option that lasts for a long. The bike can be used in the family along with several other kids in the family

Should a 3-year-old be able to ride a bike?

Well, when it comes to riding a bike is depends on the speed of your kid. A 3-year-old can ride a bike. You should know that the average age for a child to ride a bike without stabilizers varies. Between the ages of three and above, the kids can ride independently depending on their riding speed.


The Ridgeback MX-14 Aluminum 14″ Children’s Bicycle in Gloss Red is the best balance bike for graduates. Besides the lightweight, it lacks coaster brakes so that it is perfect for children who are just starting off. With a weight of 17.2 lb and a seat height ranging from 18 inches to 21 inches, this is a good fit for children almost out of 4T to size 5/6 clothes.

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