Road Bike VS Commuter Bike: Which One Right For You?

Road Bike VS Commuter Bike
Road Bike VS Commuter Bike

Today, Road VS. Commuter Bike is going to be an informative article that will resolve your all doubts about road bikes and commuter bikes via an overall comparison. Whatever bike you are looking for, a road bike or a commuter bike, picking the perfect ride is the most crucial decision you have to make. It is because both bikes come with their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Whether your option is a road bike or a commuter bike, you are welcome to this article. It will demonstrate the Road Bike VS. Commuter bike, briefly showing you the differences to help you choose the right one. So without any delay, let’s move to the main point of this article.

What Is A Road Bike?

The road bike is a particular type of bike where all the mechanisms and features focus on the fast speed that makes it perfect for racing. It is also suitable for cycling long distances. However, road bikes are the quickest and most efficient way to cycle on asphalt.

The road bike has a leather type of saddle on a carbon fiber seat pole. At the front of the bike, there are drop handlebars that allow you to set multiple positions. You can put it down with the drops down, which gives you an aerodynamic position. Or, you can sit up on top of the bars, which provides you with an upright seating position, and whenever you are on the front hoods, it allows you for another position with a different style of riding.

The road bike’s frame is lightweight and made of all carbon fiber, including the fork and the caliper brakes. The wheels are made of aluminum with stainless steel spokes and an aluminum hub. The hub is located at the center of the wheel and rotates around, and holds the bearings inside it.

With the drivetrain of a road bike, you have a crankset or chainset which comes with two chainrings on it, and sometimes it may have three. The derailleur from the front moves the chain from one chainring to another. The chain drives the force back to the rear cassette, which the rear derailleur operates through the shifting at the front.

What Is A Commuter Bike?

Commuter bikes are the type of bike you can use for your daily commuting over a short distance. Usually, the distance ranges from 20 km to 50 km. The commuter bike is durable and heavier than a road bike.

You can consider any bike as a commuter bike, whether it is an urban or city bike, cargo or cruiser bike; when you use your bike as a primary mode of transportation, that means it’s your commuter bike.

The rider position of a commuter bike falls midway between a fully forward position and a fully upright position. The design of a commuter bike takes you from point A to B with the best fuel efficacy and comfort.

The commuter bike comes with derailleur gearing, 770C wheels, and pretty light 28mm tires. The external drivetrain is the setup of multiple gears. One set of sprockets from the front is connected to the pedals, and another set of sprockets is connected to the rear wheel’s hub. Those are joined with a chain. When the shift lever at the handlebar is accurate, derailleurs move the chain between the sprockets.

The commuter bike frame is excellent, with suitable mounting points for holding various load-carrying baskets or boxes. It also includes full fenders and a carrier rack.

The engine has been designed with a small capacity, and depending upon the user’s traveling distance; the manufacturer offers different engine capacities.

Sometimes, but not always, a commuter bike comes with an enclosed chainguard that allows a rider to pedal the bike with long pants, thus avoiding getting entangled with the bike’s chain.

Furthermore, a fully furnished commuter bike comes with a rear and front light so the user doesn’t have any trouble during the ride in the late evening or the early morning.

The Difference Between A Road Bike and a Commuter Bike

The most age-old question asked repeatedly is, what is the difference between a road bike and a commuter bike? So many people get confused and cannot distinguish the difference between them. Your worries are over because we have prepared the key differences to give you an understandable image of a road bike and a commuter bike.

Road Bike VS. Commuter Bike

  1. Quality

Road bikes are specially built for speed that will thrust you forward with every pedal stroke. This bike comes with a lot of gears; most of them have 27 gears. It can adapt to any incline or decline. You can curve the handlebars downwards to minimize your pull in the wind and add more force onto the pedals. The wheels are very tall and narrow. With the most efficiency, the road bike will push you the farthest distance. But it would be best if you kept in mind that durability is not a strong suit for a road bike.

On the other hand, Commuter bikes are very famous for their durability. This bike is used for the daily commute and for riding around, especially in an urban area. The commuter bike comes with straight handlebars, wider tires, and saddles that keep you in an upright position for a long time.

But this bike is not suitable for unpaved and rugged terrain or hiking trails. Moreover, instead of a frame or fork, commuter bikes have a suspension system sometimes. It is because the suspension system can soften the bumps and vibration during your ride.

  1. Comfort

It might be challenging for a road bike rider to maintain a comfortable riding position for long-distance cycling. If you use a road bike every day, you may not feel comfortable holding the handlebars because it can make you feel pins and needles in your hand for extended periods of riding.

On the other side, a commuter bike comes with ergonomic handlebars and saddles that never compromise comfort and safety. Comfort is the core advantage of the commuter bike for riders. Straight handlebars ensure a sound grip and wrist support, and wide saddles ensure a comfortable ride for a long timeframe. Also, suspension combines with wide tires to provide you extra comfort, thus removing the blows during the ride. So undoubtedly, your ride will be more comfortable with a commuter bike.

  1. Bike Weight

The road bike is very lightweight. Most of the typical road bikes are 17 pounds on average. Compared to other bikes, road bikes are not only lightweight, the tires are also small. Due to the road bike being so lightweight, it is unable to carry a heavy load.

Though the commuter bike has a lighter wheel and frame, it is heavier than the road bike. The commuter bike can carry a heavy load with its rear and front baskets.

  1. Riding Position

The road bike provides an aerodynamic riding position, whereas the commuter bike provides an upright position.

  1. Budget Range

Road bikes are comparatively expensive due to having carbon fibers, and that fiber has various forms and grades. The road bike comes at a variety of different price points, depending on its quality. The price of a road bike ranges from $200 to $10,000.

On the other hand, the optimum range for a good commuter bike is $500 to$1,500. Any bike under $500 won’t be as durable or good enough. The quality of the bike will be lower, and it will be much too heavy.

  1. Special Features

Road bike comes with a frame, fork, and drop handlebars, while a commuter bike offers a suspension system with a frame and fork. It has flat and straight handlebars.

Road Bike VS. Commuter Bike: Which Is The Right Bike For You?

Nowadays, a bike is considered to be an essential alternative to public transportation. So before choosing a bike, you should consider some things carefully. Think closely about why you want a bike, where you live, and what key features are essential for your needs.

  • You have already been shown that a road bike is the best for covering long distances rapidly. You will be astonished to know that a road bike is a good choice for those who are very serious about full-body fitness workouts in their daily routine. A sudden change of pace, fitness training and a quicker commute are the best reasons that make you go for a road bike.
  • Are you looking for a comfortable bike at an affordable price? Then you may go for a commuter bike. The commuter bike is perfect for urban life. There are so many different types of commuter bikes in the market to satisfy every level of rider. The commuter bike is not only for commuting but also for exercising. All kind of cycling is good enough for exercise.

You have already figured out a bike which is suitable for you, right? So what are you still waiting for? Just go and bring home your best-suited bike now.

The Final Word

Overall, a road bike is suitable for incredible speed, and a commuter bike is for comfort and durability. We hope the Road bike VS. Commuter bike article will help you decide which bike is perfect for you. Then you can research some bikes that come from different reputed brands on the market to get the best quality bike.

We are just at the ending point of our article. Don’t forget to share your experience with us and if you still have something you want to know, leave a comment in the box below.

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