Royalbaby Bike Review: RoyalBaby Space No. 1 Aluminum Kids Bikes 12 Inch

Your kid needs to learn and enjoy how to pedal alone. There’s a new type of bike out in the market, and it is called a balance bike; it is like a scooter but for kids; a type of separate bike balance and steering from pedaling and braking.

Royal Baby Space Number 1 Aluminum Bike for kids is a perfect choice for kids who are just starting to learn how to ride a bike. Ideal for little ones as it includes portable training wheels that will give parents have peace of mind.

The brand itself is already a good reason to pick this bike above all others. Royal Baby is a company that manufactures bikes only for kids, giving you the assurance that they put into mind the kids first. The materials used are high-quality; can withstand the test of time even frequent use making the bike durable.

Royalbaby Bike Review For 2022

The following are the bike’s features:

  • A bike that is perfect for kids (unisex)
  • Streamline design saddles with a natural sponge and comfortable handlebar.
  • There are different types of breaks; front caliper and rear coaster brakes.
  • Also comes with a bell, cage, assembling tools, and water bottle.
  • Slap-up & safe V-brake; 6 times acrylic painted, which guarantee the color will never fade.

Why choose Royal Baby Space No.1 Aluminum Kids Bike? Here’s a list that you might want to consider.

Great Wheels:

The wheels of the bike are durable. The quality of the tire is one of the reasons why it has excellent stability. It might not be that easy for kids to use as the tire’s quality results in added friction. However, this is to be considered a good thing as it increases traction on the ground. A Big tire with good friction.

Quality Brakes

The Royal Baby has a rear coaster brake and as well as front hand brakes. These kinds of breaks allow children to practice using different styles in stopping the bike. Usually, some kid’s mistake, when they are just starting to pedal a bike, is that they pedal backward, with the help of the coaster brake it will quickly activate and stop the biked from moving back. Also, it has a virulent & anti-slip handle grip; High strength & durable brake lever.

Comfortable Suspension:

The suspension of the bike provides an excellent and lightweight way to soften the impacts of bumps, cracks, and obstacles.

Training Wheels:

The training wheels included in the bike are Heavy Duty making your kid safe while he/she is starting to practice riding a bike. Also, the training wheels of the Royal Baby bike are detachable. If your kid thinks that they can start to pedal without the training wheel, they can opt to do so. It will assist you in helping your kid be comfortable step-by-step. The unique training wheels will never deform.

Gifts for Children

This one is surely an excellent gift for kids. The height is designed to meet the absolute measurement of the children. This one got the right size for kids. The color is engaging to the eye. The design or theme of the bike should also need to think through as some kids are happy if their bike comes with the shade they love. Since this has high-end quality brakes, an enclosed chain guard, a resin pedal that is non-slip with reflector and one piece crank, the safety of your kids is always guaranteed. Most importantly, the package comes with a remarkably budget-friendly price.


  • Steel Frame; pulse TIG welded alloy 1.2mm
  • Comes ins 12″, 14″1 16″ and 18″ inch
  • Pneumatic 2.4 “knobby tires Innertube: Butyl rubber, Presta valve. Colors: black, yellow, red and silver
  • Stem: 4-bolt Frontload stem; 1.4mm,alloy,ED
  • Handlebar: Dual adjust, alloy quill 1.2mm, ED
  • Saddle: Padded (EVA) seat with  handle, alloy quick release
  • Pedals: Non-slip with reflectors
  • Wheels/Tires; Steel 16-hole rims with rubber wide 2.4 inches knobby with custom Royal Baby tread.


  • Since the frame of the bike is made of aluminum, it has pros and cons. The encouraging advantage of a bicycle with aluminum frame is its weight. This one comes lightweight which makes you drive and move faster.
  • In fact, the aluminum frame can weigh approximately 5 pounds or 2 kilos less than a steel frame that measures the same size. Aluminum material is less expensive than other lightweight materials such as titanium and carbon. This kind of equipment is also rust resistant that makes it an excellent option for wet weather conditions.


  • Having such a kind of bike frame makes you feel all the bumps in the road when driving. This type of bike frame is not advisable for a long ride. They are also less durable than modern steel frames. Steel frames are easy to be repaired, unlike aluminum ones.

Final Verdict

Considering the above reviews, this product is the best balance bike for kids. First and foremost, the price is affordable, yet the quality is not sacrificed. The bike is durable and comfortable. Weight is also a factor that needs to consider when purchasing a bicycle for kids which The Royal Baby Space Number 1 Aluminum Bike for kids possesses.

This comes with a quality lightweight material. Moreover, the bike is not just well-designed, but safety features are also within. The creation comes with an innovative scheme to meet the safety requirements and standard safety features on every kid’s bike.

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