Top 5 Pro Tips To Shop Prime Day Like A Pro For 2021

5 Tips To Shop Prime Day Like a Pro
5 Tips To Shop Prime Day Like a Pro

Since Amazon Prime Day is such a big sale, it can be pretty hard to shop smart and get the best deals (on top of the amazing deals that are there already). So you might want to go in prepared.

And to help you out, here are 5 tips to shop Prime Day like a pro and bag your favorite items with the best possible deals. We have researched from experiences of previous shoppers and tested all these tips ourselves to provide you the best and most useful ones.

Each tried and tested tip is bound to work like a charm, so do implement them yourself to get the most out of Prime Day!

5 Tips to Shop Prime Day Like a Pro

Without further ado, let us list down the must-do tips for Prime Day shopping 2021! We assure you, that carrying out our ideas will result in you making the most out of this hectic occasion.

  1. Postpone All Non-Essential Purchases Till Prime Day

You don’t want to buy anything that is remotely non-essential before Prime Day. As seen in previous years, almost everything except absolute essentials like toiletries, basic kitchen wear, etc., go on sale.

Products like electronics and gadgets are typically available at a heavily discounted price on Prime Day. So you definitely want to resist the urge to buy that smartwatch or Bluetooth speaker before the day itself comes.

Not only will you be able to buy them at a ridiculously lower price, but you can also buy multiple items without going out of your budget.

In case you have been wanting to get your hands on the Amazon gadgets like Amazon Echo, Kindle, or the Fire TV stick, definitely wait till Prime Day. Amazon has a tendency of selling these at a huge discount that you DO NOT want to miss.

  1. Keep Your Wish List Ready Beforehand

Go in prepared. Don’t wait for Prime Day to fill up your cart. Instead, keep a wish list ready, which will 100% back you up on the day.

Although they don’t show the deals before the very end, you can still select the items you want to buy before Prime Day. You will most obviously get to enjoy discounts on nearly everything on Amazon that day, so it’s confirmed that whatever is on your wish list will go on sale.

Keeping it ready beforehand will help you save time and also make sure you can buy the product before it gets sold out. And we must tell you, with all these amazing deals, your desired products (if they are popular enough) will sell out in an instant.

So be prepared with everything on your wish list, wait for the day to arrive, and see all the amazing deals pop up on those items. You can then easily purchase them quickly without worrying about them getting sold out so soon.

  1. Browse Through the Prime Day Launches for Best Deals

There is an entirely separate section for prime day deals on Amazon for this special shopping holiday. You can browse through this section to get the best deals on the items listed there.

From electronic items to beauty products, kitchen wear, baby products, bikes and literally anything, you will get all kinds of stuff in this category. Browse through the listings and see what you like and what deals are the most budget-friendly for you.

You can find these on the regular Prime Day sales page as well. They will be marked “Prime Day Launches” so you can identify them and see if they appeal to you.

  1. Get an Amazon Prime Credit Card

Did you know you could sign up for an Amazon credit card and get rewarded? Well, they have a credit card program called the Amazon Prime Reward Visa Card, which is the best thing you could own for buying stuff off of Amazon Prime.

This Visa card not only provides a % cashback on various purchases on Prime Day but also gives you a $ gift card as soon as you sign up. Yes, you read that right! You get a free gift card worth a hundred and fifty dollars that you can use for buying anything.

All you have to do to enjoy this benefit is to register for a credit card. And want to know the best part about this card? You can still enjoy up to 5% cashback for a ton or purchases even after Prime Day ends.

So, go right ahead and sign up for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Credit Card, and use this free money to enjoy all the amazing deals on Prime Day. If that isn’t a pro move, we don’t know what is!

  1. Keep a Lookout for any Credit and Incentive

The interesting thing about Amazon is that they love to encourage their customers to buy more stuff off of their site. And to do so, they incorporate various incentives for a certain kind of purchase.

Typically, Amazon will let the shopper earn about $ worth of credit on every purchase from specific shops. For example, in 2020, they let the shoppers buy anything from Whole Foods and earn up to $ credit for their purchases.

We can expect something similar this year as well. And apparently, this year you can earn this $ credit from every purchase on products from the small businesses on Amazon. This is kind of a promotional discount for these small vendors so that they can gain more customers and do better business.

Hey, if it benefits everyone, why not?

By the way, this credit earning is currently live and will continue till the 20th of June (right before Prime Day). So you might want to head over to Amazon and buy the stuff that falls under this category.

Final Words

In our opinion, getting the credit card and earning the $ credits beforehand so that you can purchase with free money is the ultimate pro move. We hope our tips to shop Prime Day like a pro were helpful, and you end up getting the best deals on the day.

One bonus tip that we could give is that don’t try to get the overly popular items like the latest flagship smartphones. You have a pretty low chance of getting your hands on them due to the massive surge of shoppers that day. Anyway, happy shopping!

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