Tykesbykes Fat Tire Kids Bike, 20″ Wheel, Black

Biking can be a large way to let your kids explore, exercise and have fun. However, for your kids to get the best out of their rides, they need a quality bike. Often, parents find it extremely hard to find a product that is right.

A proper braking mechanism, along with adequate comfort levels is some parameter that one cannot just compromise on. The Tykesbykes Fat Tire Kids Bike could very well fit the bill here. Let’s find out how in this step by step review.

Editors Guide: Tykesbykes Fat Bike

1. Features

Firstly, this bike is gorgeous to look at. A single color mostly dominates the entire body. Hence it is not too gaudy or cheesy. The general build quality is top notch thanks to the alloy frame. Powering the bike is a Shimano Tourney 7 speed drivetrain; it is extremely efficient even while cruising along uneven regions.

2. Great Wheels

Armed with a great set of rims that come drilled in, the riding experience is sure to be very pleasing and comfortable. The fat tires also do an excellent job of generating enough traction on any surface – sand, bogs, mud or pavement. No surface is too tough to handle for this mean machine.

3. Quality Brakes

Here’s where things can get a little dicey. Let’s admit it; kids are careless. To them, the world is a playground and words like caution do not exist. It becomes critical for bikes to have excellent braking with a quick response time. Thankfully, Tykesbykes has endowed both wheels with fantastic disc brakes that work flawlessly.

4. Comfortable Suspension

How do we measure the comfort levels on a bike? It is one thing to talk about comfort while riding on pavement, and a different ballgame altogether when you are riding on all kinds of terrain. Here is where the fat tires, along with the wheels coordinate ever so seamlessly to deliver a great experience on types of surfaces. Let’s not forget about the fact that kids have spinal cords that are still growing and developing; even slight bumps can leave a lasting impact. This issue has been very well dealt with in this product.

5. Training Wheels

It does not matter if your child is not up for an unassisted ride yet. The greatest part about this bike is that it can be customized according to needs. You could choose to add some training wheels to help your kid learn to ride as well. They are very easy to install &  assemble once the purpose has been served.

6. Gifts For Children

Does your child love to explore? Have you noticed that spark in him yet? Even if you have not, the Tykesbykes Fat Tire Kids Bike could be the easiest way to ignite an explorer’s instincts in him. Thanks to its fantastic design, it is bound to attract and encourage your kid to learn to ride, explore and stay fit.

7. Tykesbykes Fat Bike Specs

* Here are some general specifications: The bike measures 50 x 10 x 40 inches and weighs about 29 pounds.
* The drivetrain is a Shimano Tourney. It is a 7-speed drivetrain that allows very smooth switching.
* Shipped with all-terrain fat tires of 20″ by 4″ dimensions.
* Comes with 85% assembly (due to shipping constraints), minor tweaks required for a fully functional bike.


* Here’s what we liked about the product: Great design – Excellent build quality and paint job.
* Reasonably lightweight – Weighing under 30 lbs, no kid should have a problem riding the bike. Tykesbykes have done well to keep the target audience in mind during the design process.
* excellent braking system – Ingeniously designed braking levers that are ideal for kids. Disc brakes on both wheels serve as an additional safety measure.


* Average Pricing – The only let down comes in the form of pricing. Had the bike been priced a little more aggressively, it would’ve stormed the market hands down. What’s more, it could’ve been accessible to just about anyone. However, there’s no denying the fact that it is built extremely well and offers a decent bang for the buck.

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Final Verdict

Striking an incredible balance between quality, comfort, and design, the Tykesbykes Fat Tire Kids Bike is an excellent buy. It is sure to cater entirely to all riding needs in the more extended run as well. Even though the investment is a little bit on the steeper side, it does enough to justify such an ask. Here is probably the best balance bike in the current market, and it earns that tag with style!

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