How To Install Water Bottle Cage On Bike Without Holes?

Cycling is a great exercise to warm up your body and lose some extra weight that you’ve wanted to lose for the longest time. But as it requires your body to be a bit worked up, you can get very dehydrated from time to time.

A lot of bikes come with water bottle cages pre-installed where you can carry your bottles and quench your thirst. Or maybe, there are braze-on already manufactured on the bicycle frame that helps you put on the cages or racks.

If none of the above is on your bike, you may ask yourself, ‘how to install a water bottle cage on a bike without holes?’ Because nobody likes piercing their bikes just to install a small bottle holder; also, let’s not forget how much of a hassle it is to drill your bike.

As a solution, we have come up with this article, so let’s hop on and find out how you can install these cages very easily without making your cycle go through the torture of holes.

Where Should You Install It?

Most people prefer their racks on the down tube, and usually, the manufacturers also put it that way because of how easily you can access it while cycling.

But if you’re someone who drinks a good amount of water and one small bottle is never enough for you, then consider other places too. You can put it in the seat tube, handlebar, or even on the side post.

As there are no particular rules to put your bottle rack, you are free to put it anywhere that doesn’t become a barrier for your bike. Other than that, the position of the rack also determines what kind of method you’d be applying to install it that doesn’t require any drilling.

Using Zip-ties

Starting off with the most affordable option on our list that you can get anywhere around you. You can get a pack of zip-ties in a few dollars at your nearest supermarket.

You can insert the zip-tie through your cage and zip it up to fix the position of the cage. But you need to use specific types of cages that will help you hook up with the tube of the cycle and the bottle cage.

Unfortunately, the one thing that stops zip-ties from being the very best is the flimsiness. No matter how tight you wrap it around the cage, it will become loose on rough terrains without any sort of warning signal.

But as it is very cheap, you can always just cut it out and put another one in its place.

We recommend opting for this one during emergencies when there is no other alternative. Another thing that you can try is putting it in the head tube or seat tube where the cage will be in an upright position with the help of gravity. This will ensure the secured placement of the bottle.

Using Hose Clamps

Next, we have another readily available product on our list that you can find in any hardware store around you, which is the water hose clamps.

You can use the clamps on it to put it on your bike frame. To tighten it, you need to put the clamps together and firmly screw it with a screwdriver. You can set the hose clamp anywhere on your bike, and you don’t even need a certain type of bottle cage to fit it sturdily.

One drawback that hose clamps have is that sometimes being so tightly fixed at one position can make a few portions of the bike to be scratched, or paints might wear off too.

Anyhow, this is also a very affordable choice that will ensure your bottle doesn’t get lost when you’re on a cycling race in some rocky mountain.

Using Strap-on/Tab Cages

One of the quickest and easiest ways to install bottle cages is using a strap-on water bottle cage. This might not be as readily available as other products on the list, but you can always search for one on Amazon.

Most of the strap-on cages come in a Velcro system that you can buckle and unbuckle anytime you want.

Large water bottles can be supported in more flimsy cages with voile belts, particularly on very rough grounds.

Another option that you can go for is water bottle cages that come with tabs. You can wrap them around the bike tubes with the help of electrical tape. As a result, the water bottles are kept in place more securely.

Strap-on bottle cages are great for those that are always on the run and love going for a quick hike. And those looking for an easy installation and a non-technical choice should definitely check out the tab cages.

Using Handlebar-mounted Cages

This is another easy installation alternative where your water bottle cage already comes with a bar mount that you just need to attach to your bike.

You need to mount these cages right on your bike with the help of a screwdriver. With handlebar mounts, you can confirm your bottle to be the safest. This is a great way to carry water bottles without compromising your bike’s classy look, as most of them are very modern looking.

Another great thing about handlebar-mounted cages is that you can use your bottle in the cycling position without stretching an inch.

This easy-install, pretty-looking alternative is a must-have for the occasional cruisers or those who are really into sudden plans.

Final Words

Hopefully, you will be able to leverage the useful information we have provided you regarding how to install a water bottle cage on a bike without holes.

Remember keeping hydrated during any kind of activity is very important. And as cycling requires a bit more physical movement, you must make sure that your bike has a cage to carry your water bottle.

We have provided you with different options which you can use according to the circumstance you end up in.

So, stop worrying about drilling your favorite vehicle and adapt one of the options from above for a smooth cycling journey.

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